Ayurveda and the Seasons - SUMMER

Ayurveda means the science of life. There are good home remedies for the various challenges of the summer season in Ayurveda, which focuses on health promotion and disease prevention.
Ayurveda and the seasons - SUMMER | Ruohonjuuri.com Blog

Among many other things, seasonal changes also affect our wellbeing, which needs to be supported by various means at different times. Especially at the turning points of the seasons, you should pay special attention to both your health routines and your skin care habits, and be prepared to shape them according to the conditions of each season.

The basic principle of Ayurveda is simple: the opposite property balances while a similar property increases the imbalance. Because the goal is a balance of body, mind and soul, diet and lifestyle are also adapted to the seasons. In winter, the body and mind are warmed up, and in the summer heat, the focus is on cooling.

Summer is the pitta season – though Finnish summer does not usually show its hottest aspects. However, if you feel hot, pitta symptoms may occur in all body types. You’re sweating, the body heats up, inflammation occurs and you’re feeling irritated. Energy is used to cool the body; cooling showers, dips in natural waters and cooling foods eliminate excessive heat from the body. 

Cucumbers, strawberries and melons are examples of excellent summer delicacies. In the summertime, you should take pleasure in our fresh vegetables and sweet berries! It’s worth visiting the woods after raspberries and blueberries are ripe, to catch these powerful berries – not to just take or hoard them but to humbly request them from nature. The myriad of wild herbs is also just waiting to be picked. Using spices that raise body temperature should be limited in summer and fat consumption should also be kept at minimum.

Ayurveda and the seasons - SUMMER Ruohonjuuri

It’s obvious that in the heat of summer you should take care to stay hydrated. Coconut water is a great drink that cools the body and is also an experience for your taste buds.

In the summer heat, our nature flourishes and offers us its best treats. Humidity is optimal in summertime.

Many feel that summer is the best time of their lives. The Finnish summer is full of light regardless of the time of day, and many people during the summer need less sleep than usual. The bright summer nights can pose challenges, especially for people of the vata body type, who for the sake of their wellbeing, should remember to ensure a regular rhythm of life – despite all the temptations to stay awake.

Light and warmth make people vibrant, happy and resilient. Even when full of energy, it’s good to remember enough rest in order to charge one’s batteries for autumn and winter. 

If you’re experiencing a heatwave, you should time a moment of rest for the hottest time of the day. You should protect yourself from excessive sunshine and heat by staying in the shade and by using high-quality natural cosmetics sunscreen. 

Ayurveda and the seasons - SUMMER

You can also cool your body with a coconut oil massage. It becomes especially refreshing if you add a couple of essential peppermint oil drops to the coconut oil.

Summer can also cause eye symptoms (redness, dryness and a feeling of burning), as the heat leaves the body through the eyes. Rose water used both internally and externally helps, and it can also be used to make eye masks: soak cotton swabs in rose water and place them on your eyelids. Lay on your back with the rose water cotton swabs on your eyes for fifteen minutes and take deep breaths.