Best face masks for wintertime

Moisturizing and nourishing face masks and winter skin are a mach made in heaven
Tips for winter skin

Winter is a challenging time for your skin, especially dry air and cold breeze… you name it! Skins own ceramide production is running low on wintertimes and it cant hold the moisturization that good so it needs some extra help.

Many people have found shea butter helpful during winter when the skin is extra dry, indeed, it can really help! Also, different face masks can give your skin some really needed aid.

For every winter skin, a face mask can help it to be more balanced and moisturized, it helps your skin feel better and avoids that dry, tight feeling on your face. Add a face mask to your skin treatment routine and pamper yourself with a relaxing self-care moment.

For someone, whose skin is extra dry moisturizing regularly like once a week is really a must to do. Like this, your skin is more balanced and possible irritations fade away. When choosing a face mask take a look that it absorbs well, if it stays only on your skin's outer surface it cant help you the best way- also a good tip is to carefully exfoliate your face once a week. That helps the absorb ratio also.

Evolve face mask

Evolve series Radiant Glow face mask moisturizes your skin effectively and makes it feel silky smooth. These aromatic and pampering masks bring some luxury to your bathroom.

Beauty blogger and expert Katja Kokko have chosen the Radiant Glow mask in Genuine Beaty Awards as one of the best skincare products- “Evolves chocolate cake face mask is one of my favorites all year round. This delicious mask makes your skin glow out of happiness” Kokko is saying about this product.

The Whamisa series can also provide some extra help with winter. Cactus series face mask can help you to balance your face to be more moisturized and flexible. Its secret is a prickly pear cactus that makes your skin super smooth and glowing.