Best products in 2021

The best products of the year 2021 were voted by Ruohonjuuri's staff, which you can read more about in this article. This year's selections highlighted Finland's nature's gifts and innovative product development.
Ruohonjuuri's best products 2021 |

Best food supplement

Pureness Puhdistamo: Evening Magnesium

Evening magnesium calms the body and mind in preparation for sweet dreams. A truly effective preparation, where magnesium is combined with extracts of Passionflower and Griffonia Simplicifolia, among others, to work their magic.

Pureness Puhdistamo Evening Magnesium 2021 |

Best food

Impola: Finnish green lentils

One small step for man - a giant leap for Finnish protein production! Grown in Finland, the green lentils from the Impola plant farm are real local food, with a juicy and delicious taste.

Best delicacy

Foodin: Herkkuisa chocolate spreads

Formerly known as Herkutella, Foodin's Herkkuisa spreads are truly mouth-watering. Made from quality ingredients, these treats are a healthier and more nutrient-dense alternative to the chocolate spreads found in supermarkets.

Best natural cosmetics product

Whamisa: Cactus serum

Also called the vegan version of the snail serum, the cactus serum will blow testers mind's away with its super-moisturizing properties. Cactus serum is a skincare superfood; a nutrient-dense serum that effectively moisturizes skin, leaving it looking vibrant, plump and glowing.

Whamisa natural cosmetics cactus serum |

Best Finnish natural cosmetics product

Pure is Beauty: Birch sap spray + hyaluronic acid

A face spray with birch sap, chaga and hyaluronic acid, it brings relief to thirsty skin. A masterpiece of Finnish natural cosmetic expertise: a moisturizing and strengthening product that is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Honourable mention

Moi Forest: Forest Dust products

An innovative, new era cosmetic product that brings a forest bath to the city dweller's skin. A resilience-boosting choice that effectively treats even the most irritated skin, combining the ancient wisdom of nature with modern know-how.