Biomed Strong Curcumin (Turmeric) popularity keeps growing!

Yvonne Holm, a professor at the University of Helsinki who has had a long career in researching medicinal plants, among other things, is familiar with the diverse active mechanisms and health benefits of turmeric. Dive deep and learn more!
Biomed Strong Curcumin |
Biomed's Elias Jaakkola and Birgit Stenroos are proud of their strong curcumin – and happy it was selected as the health product of the year in 2019 by The Finnish Association of Health Product Traders.

Biomed´s Strong curcumin is wildly popular, and not in vain! Strong curcumin overwhelmingly won the public vote, with abundant and convincing research data behind the product, successful product development, extensive and positive consumer feedback, and the fact that the product is a quality, reliable, and healthy choice as the selection criteria.

Strong curcumins popularity was not some one-day miracle! Instead, it has established a strong position among health enthusiasts. 

The benefits of turmeric in support of health

Turmeric is now part of the daily diet of many health-conscious globetrotters – in one form or another. For years, Ruohonjuuri's customers have boosted their wellbeing, e.g. by consuming turmeric milk also known as golden milk, sipping turmeric latte and seasoning their foods with that golden yellow spice. The popularity of nutritional supplements based on the benefits of turmeric has also increased each year in Ruohonjuuri.

What makes the Biomed Series Strong Curcumin (Turmeric)  so special – having overwhelmingly outperformed other nominated supplements in the public vote? One compelling reason is certainly quite simple: many people have received health benefits from Strong curcumin.

Strong curcumin (Turmeric) |


Also Yvonne Holm, a professor at the University of Helsinki who has had a long career in researching medicinal plants, among other things, is familiar with the diverse active mechanisms and health benefits of turmeric.

High-quality, well-researched raw material is at the heart of health products, Holm states and says that turmeric is an ancient, ginger-like spice with active essential oils (2–7 % in turmeric root), curcuminoids (curcumin the best known, 3–5 %) and starch (30–40 %).

Yvonne Holm says that Curegarden's Curcugreen turmeric extract, the active ingredient in Biomed's Strong Curcumin, is an exceptionally well-researched choice – and the reason why Strong Curcumin really works. Curcugreen extract, which is an active ingredient in Strong Curcumin, contains both curcuminoids and evaporating oil. It has been studied that significant concentrations of that active substance remain in the body for up to eight hours after taking a turmeric capsule.

Holm says that the health effects of turmeric are quite varied and extensive. For example, turmeric also has a lipid-lowering property; it prevents the oxidation of LDL. Antioxidant-rich turmeric captures free radicals while fighting bravely for the health of your cells. Turmeric also supports immunity and health of respiratory and cardiovascular organs and nervous system.  It even promotes the well-being of skin. Despite of all good affects mentioned, the most familiar use for turmeric is for different kind of joint issues.

“The most common ailment for which Strong Curcumin is purchased for is certainly various joint problems,” says Biomed's Birgit Stenroos.

In order not to make everything so effortless, there are also challenges associated with the use of turmeric: unfortunately, it is not easy to utilize the health-promoting ingredients of turmeric powder – the microbiological bioavailability of turmeric is low and some of the absorbed portion is metabolized to glucuronides and sulfates.

In order for one to absorb a sufficient amount of wellbeing-promoting ingredients for the use of one’s body from the turmeric powder, 1.6 grams of turmeric powder should be consumed per day. A dedicated turmeric milk drinker is likely to reach that dose, but on accident and on the side, such an amount of turmeric powder is hardly ingested.

Therefore, more and more people enjoy their turmeric through food supplements alongside the powder; it is better to choose both.

Ruohonjuuri congratulates Biomed's Strong Curcumin on grabbing the title of Best Health Product of the Year. In the light of the comprehensive list of benefits of this first-class turmeric product, it is no wonder that the product is also one of the trusted products and great favorites of Ruohonjuuri staff.

Enjoy the benefits of turmeric in an effortless way – in a provenly effective form!

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Health claims / EFSA:

M-2008-1061 2744 - Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) - Stimulation of appetite
M-2008-1061 2751 - Curcuma: Curcuma longa - Liver lipids
M-2008-1061 3748 - Curcuma longa/domestica (Common Name : Turmeric, kunyit, curcumin) - Joint Health
M-2008-1061 3908 - Curcuma longa L (Curcuma domestica Valeton). (Common Name : Turmeric, kunyit, curcumin) - Liver
M-2008-1061 4008 - Curcuma longa RHIZOME - Skin
M-2008-1061 4009 - Curcuma longa RHIZOME - Immunity. Antioxidant
M-2008-1061 4010 - Curcuma longa RHIZOME - Cholesterol/cardiovascular
M-2008-1061 4011 - Curcuma longa RHIZOME - Respiratory
M-2008-1061 4012 - Curcuma longa RHIZOME - Joints & bones
M-2008-1061 4013 - Curcuma longa RHIZOME - Liver
M-2008-1061 4014 - Curcuma longa RHIZOME - Nervous system