Bone broth is the health product of 2020 – and Ruohonjuuri's best dietary supplement!

Over the years, bone broth has evolved into an important culinary companion in various food cultures around the world. Bone broth is, so to speak, the mother of all spices and seasoning. Try and get yours now!
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Bone broth powder has a real winning streak: a couple of months earlier it was chosen as the best food supplement in Ruohonjuuri. Biomed is also doing great: The product by this pioneer of Finnish food supplements was chosen for the second time in a row as the health product of the year by public vote.

The commercial journey of bone broth began in Finland as a frozen food by Biomed a couple of years ago, and the product instantly found its fans. However, the frozen product set its own restrictions on product sales and customers. As a result of brainstorming and product development, a solution to the problem was created: bone broth powder.

“The development work of bone broth powder was successful, and as an easy-to-use dietary supplement, its popularity grew rapidly. We are grateful for the award, which we believe shows that pure Finnish high-quality food, such as food supplements, should be developed with an open mind while listening to consumers,” Elias Jaakkola, CEO of Biomed, says.

The use of bone broth has a long history in Finland as well

Bone broth has been part of various cultures for a long time. It has a long history of use dating back more than two thousand years. Broth brewed from bones was used as part of traditional treatments in ancient times. 

Bone broth has long been found to have positive effects in the treatment of respiratory ailments, for example. The first findings on the therapeutic use of bone broth can be found in China, where it was used, among other things, to improve resistance and blood quality, but especially to improve the condition of the intestines and kidneys. In their own care work, doctors in traditional Chinese medicine have specifically emphasized the role of bone marrow in the broth’s healing properties.

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Bone broth as a food and source of nutrients

Over the years, bone broth has evolved into an important culinary companion in various food cultures around the world. Bone broth is, so to speak, the “mother of all spices and seasoning”. Today, stewing and broth temperature are easier to control, so a day-long stew is enough for the same result that used to take several days. A long and gentle brew softens the bone material, releases collagen, and melts the nutritious bone marrow into the broth. 

In addition to collagen, also known as a “skin nutrient”, the active ingredients in bone broth include gelatin, various amino acids such as proline, glycine, and arginine, chondroitin sulfate, and various minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. Many of these nutrients are familiar bone and joint strengtheners.

The type of bone matters

In bone broth, the source is of great importance. As bone is the main ingredient for bone broth, it should be of high quality and the best possible. For this purpose, the most optimal source is the bone of the wildest possible animal game or reindeer.

Biomed’s bone broth powder is made from reindeer bones.

Environmentally friendly perspective

Today, we eat mostly just a few varieties of animal products, because of the animals produced for human consumption, mainly skeletal muscle is used. However, a huge number of parts can be utilized. For example, the utilization of bones is not only environmentally friendly and production-efficient, but is also beneficial to health. The utilization of so-called leftover pieces not only saves the earth, but also reduces the amount of waste generated from meat production.

Features of the award-winning Biomed Bone Broth Powder:

- Successful product development and extensive positive consumer feedback

- Suitable for the health-conscious consumer as a food supplement and self-care product

- Clean and high-quality raw materials (Finnish spring water, organic apple cider vinegar and bone of reindeer grazing in Finnish Lapland)

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