Breathtakingly fabulous new Ruohonjuuri will be opened in the downtown Helsinki

The upcoming flagship store will be at Mannerheimintie, the same street where Ruohonjuuri store operated for 15 years at old railway warehouses.
New Ruohonjuuri flagship store

- Bankers out and hippies in! Said one of our partners when she heard that the new Ruohonjuuri store will be opened at Nordea Bank's old, stylish premises. When the spring comes, the former bank hall will become something beautiful and astonishing, a brand new Ruohonjuuri.

The opening of the biggest Ruohonjuuri store will be in March. The new store will display all kinds of natural goodness and it also gives a perfect space for different events and happenings.

This new store is a perfect space to endorse all kinds of communal activity and build a bridge between different people. At the new store, everyone is welcome besides shopping but also to just come to wonder, learn, get inspired and to meet each other.

Holistically responsible store

Ecological points are at the core of all design and building. One of the goals of this project is to show a way how to be a responsible pioneer when it comes to fixing old spaces. - We have used a lot of old materials, like the old marble on the floor will stay. Also, we prefer Finnish suppliers and count carefully all our environmental impacts. We use sustainable and valuable products over cheap and fluffy, says Venla Suvalo, Visualist at Ruohonjuuri.

Customer experience out of this world.

During the years, many customers have appreciated the atmosphere at Ruohonjuuri stores. The atmosphere has been an important factor when designing the new store, we want to increase the customers cozy feeling even more so everyone can relax when enter to store. -It is our priority number one that customer feels welcome, Venla is saying.

She wants to welcome everyone, the old and the new customers, already to the new store, where the staff will be as helpful and joyful as always and where the shelves are filled with ecological quality products.

The old, historical building gives a unique space for the new Ruohonjuuri, which itself gives the visit to Ruohonjuuri an elevating experience. -The high glass roof is a stunning detail that takes your breath away! Venla continues.

Designing and renovating this old building has been a long-lasting and educational project- the biggest effort to Ruohonjuuri since moving out from the old railway warehouses. Luckily all challenges have been won working hard together. Soon we will all see how the new store looks and feels. Warmly welcome! We guess that you will be happily surprised.