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BRUNS Products brings new winds of change to customers, professionals and the environment. Bruns is an elegant and award-winning hair care line made from natural ingredients, born from two ambitious hairdressers Cecilia and Johanna in Sweden.
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Hairdressers Cecilia Nilsson and Johanna Lindskoug met in 2006 at a hairdressing industry training course in Stockholm and began discussing the problems surrounding hair and beauty products. Both were experienced professionals in the field and eventually a shared spark for change led to a collaboration that resulted in Bruns Products - a proprietary hair care range for women, whose products are made with only high high-quality natural ingredients. The products are award-winning for consideration of natural ingredients and the environment, and the range is used by consumers as well as professionals.

High-quality natural ingredients

Bruns uses only organic and natural ingredients carefully selected by the creator Johanna Lindskoug. Johanna gives her everything to the best possible products that meet the criteria of professional hairdressers and is very proud of the raw materials used. When choosing raw materials, an eco-certified option is always a priority.

Johanna is behind the product recipes and develops all Bruns products. Bruns' staff receive products in weekly testing and comments to ensure top quality and develop new products. The products are also constantly tested by professional hairdressers.

Vegan and cruelty-free

Almost all Bruns products are not tested on animals. Animal testing of ready-made cosmetic products was banned in 2004 and in 2009 animal testing of cosmetic raw materials was also banned. However, non-animal testing does not mean that the product cannot contain ingredients of animal origin. Bruns entire range is vegan with the exception of two products; Hair Sufflé No. 14 and Hard Wax No. 30. Instead of silicones, animal-derived surplus products such as silk protein and beeswax have been used. Bruns has chosen silk proteins over silicones because it considers silicones, as a burden on our water systems. Beeswax comes from apiary farms.

Sustainability and environment

Bruns emphasizes the principles of sustainable development and therefore manufactures natural and abundant products, which last for a long time in use. In production, raw materials are treated with respect, quantities are carefully planned and wastage is avoided. The ingredients used are natural and biodegradable.

Bruns products are handmade at their own factory in Lund, Sweden. The products are manufactured daily so that they are given out as fresh as possible for customers, hairdressers and retailers.

Bruns is unisex

Bruns products are designed for everyone in terms of functionality, fragrances, fragrance-free options and design. The salon range is therefore naturally suitable for all hair types and styles.

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Cecilia and Johanna recommends to try at least these

For kids: wash your hair with Unscented Conditioner No. 03, which contains skin-caring and moisturizing ingredients, such as shea butter, avocado oil and vitamin E. No shampoo required. No. 03 conditioner, is also suitable for the Curly Girl method and easy to apply to legs before shaving.

Fragrance-sensitive and expectant mothers: Try fragrance-free shampoo No. 03, which is suitable for all hair types and gives hair volume and moisture at the same time. All the fragrance-free products are found with an odd number, except the fragrant No. 01.

For families: the perfect product for all families with children, is unscented Conditioner Spray No. 19. It moisturizes and nourishes the hair and can be sprayed on both dry and wet hair. The conditioner spray is perfect for dry and lifeless hair, to support curl elasticity and for quick refreshment.

Bestseller for everyone: Award-winning hair masks No. 20 and No. 22 and the unscented version No. 23 are essential products especially for the treatment of dry hair and scalp. Make the mask a habit and you'll notice how the scalp calms down and restores hair moisture.