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BYBI Beauty natural cosmetics are manufactured by the English company Clean Beauty, which was founded in 2017 by Elsie Ruttenford and Dominica Minarovic. Take a look and read more about the delicious series.
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At first, our operations were quite small-scale, but our goal was crystal clear from the beginning: to create a responsible, innovative vegan cosmetics brand that would also appeal to the mainstream using basic cosmetics.

It is important to Ruttenford and Minarovic that the products they make are responsible in terms of their ingredients, of high quality and really functional – without costing too much. Acquiring ethically sustainable cosmetics should be, according to the founding duo of BYBI Beauty, possible for as many people as possible, without having to make big compromises in terms of quality or functionality.

The circular economy with a big heart

Many BYBI Beauty products utilize the principles of the circular economy. For example, the raw materials for Strawberry Booster strawberry serum and Blueberry Booster blueberry serum – i.e., strawberry and blueberry seed oil – come from the surplus of the juice industry. The raw materials for other products are also selected responsibly and in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

The rock quartz-crystal mixture contained in the Crystal Clear cleansing gel, for example, has also been obtained in an ethically sustainable manner. This is important because there are a lot of drawbacks associated with the production of earth minerals globally. So the BYBI Beauty series cleansing gel is not part of the problem – but rather, part of the solution.

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Smarter packaging for a better world

Because the founders of the BYBI Beauty series are genuinely serious about responsibility, they are understandably annoyed by the green washing that big cosmetics brands use to promote their products – for example, the recyclability theme sells a wide range of products that have nothing to do with environmentally friendly choices.

BYBI itself is careful also when choosing packaging materials: its products are packaged in either glass or sugar cane bioplastic packaging. The company's two founders are actively following the development of the packaging world in an effort to reach even more ecological solutions in the future.


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The BYBI Beauty range is abundant with hit products

Strawberry Booster – the supreme dry skin companion

The luxurious Strawberry Booster, gently squeezed from the seeds of surplus strawberries in the juice industry, softens the skin, improving the moisture content of particularly dry and sensitive skin. Strawberry Booster especially brings relief to skin that is sensitive and feels both tight and dry.

 Blueberry Booster fights harmful blue light

Blueberry Booster from the Bybi Beauty series, launched in the world as based on the wishes of Ruohonjuuri´s customers, proudly fights the harm caused by blue, vigorously protecting the wonder of your skin from the blue light emitted by smart devices, computers and the sun.

Containing pure, precious blueberry seed oil as its active ingredient, this powerful booster is a circular economy cosmetic at its best: The raw material for blueberry serum (blueberry seed oil) derives from juice industry production surplus. So here's a smart and efficient sustainable product to support your natural beauty!

Blueberry Booster provides protection from the effects of blue light by absorbing it before it penetrates your skin. Blue light is certainly not your skin’s best friend: it can weaken, cause inflammation and even change the pigment of your skin. 

Bakuchiol Booster, also called retinol serum, boosts the skin's own collagen production, removing wrinkles and leaving the skin refreshed!

The active ingredient in this booster, bakuchiol, is a natural source of retinol. As a result of the use of Bakuchiol Booster, which also invigorates collagen production, the skin looks youthful and smooth: the signs of fatigue are nowhere to be seen, and lines have smoothed out.

Retinol is known to smooth and even out the skin. Due to its potency, retinol is generally not suitable for particularly sensitive skin, but retinol from bakuchiol is an exception. Studies have shown that bakuchiol works in the same way as regular retinol, meaning it stimulates collagen production, which improves skin elasticity and promotes recovery.

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BYBI Beauty in a nutshell

BYBI Beauty is an English natural cosmetics brand that offers innovative high-quality products that are vegan and not tested on animals. BYBI Beauty’s cosmetic products are made of 100% natural ingredients that nourish the skin. Transparency is important to BYBI: everyone has the right to know what they are applying to their skin. In addition to that, the range is based on innovation: natural doesn’t always mean modest.

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