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By reducing consumption and making carbon-neutral or negative choices, you can help in the fight against global warming. Join us!
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The report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has a clear message: we must act quickly to curb climate change. Carbon neutrality should be achieved globally by 2050 - if it does not succeed, it will not be possible to slow down warming.

We live in crucial times when our actions in the 2020s determine much of the direction that climate change takes in the future. However, there is hope - and we really need to act now.

The largest greenhouse gas emissions in the individual's life come from housing, food, and consumption of products and services. Many small streams form a large river and each individual can influence by making environmentally friendly choices in everyday life.

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We are a carbon negative company

Last year, we overcompensated for the emissions caused by our own operations through forest plantations more than 100% for the next ten years. We are a very carbon-negative company when it comes to our own emissions.

Carbon negativity means that the product, company, municipality or state has a negative net impact on carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere, which counteracts or slows down climate change. In practice, you then sequester more carbon dioxide than emitting it into the atmosphere, so the emissions are negative. This can be done by, for example, planting forests.

Carbon neutral and carbon negative products

Our range is rich in carbon-neutral products and we strive to actively expand our range in the future.

You can easily find carbon-neutral products on our webshop:

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Pukka tea is carbon negative

Pukka is a brand that is known for its high-quality organic tea. Pukka has already planted 700,000 trees in collaboration with the Tree Sisters charity. Pukka Herbs aims to plant a total of one million trees. The trees are planted especially in Madagascar and in Nepal where there is tropical forest vegetation.

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Attitude: A pioneer of carbon neutrality fighting for biodiversity

Attitude has long been a carbon-neutral brand. It's an obvious matter of course for this manufacturer of detergents:

- For us, carbon neutrality is a fairly simple thing: we make an estimate of our greenhouse emissions, reduce GHG emissions as much as possible and overcompensate for the rest of the emissions by planting trees. We only use renewable energy in production and limit the greenhouse gas emissions that come from transporting the products, for example by using a barge on the way from the warehouse to the port in Europe.

- In addition, we try to make it easy for consumers to reduce their carbon footprint, for example by offering detergents that are effective even if you use cold water so that you do not need hot water every time you wash.

In addition to climate change, Attitude fights nature loss:

- We do not only focus on carbon compensation but also develop ecosystems to maintain biodiversity. Loss of nature must be stopped.

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Bybi Beauty prefers recycled economy and manufactures carbon-neutral products

At our stores, you will find a variety of beauty products that reduce food waste from fruits and vegetables by utilizing leftovers. For example, the Bybi series' strawberry and blueberry serum contain juice residues.

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Neal´s Yard Remedies: carbon neutral products with a long tradition

Neal’s Yard Remedies products are manufactured at Dorset's organic factory with a long tradition and knowledge. The products are carbon neutral - and even carbon negative. Neal’s Yard Remedies compensates for the emissions that come from the manufacture of the products. It is important for the company to be part of the solution (instead of the problem) and therefore Neal’s Yard Remedies keeps track of the fact that their business does not cause more greenhouse emissions than they can compensate for.

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Carbon-neutral Sonnentor works for the common good

Sonnentor is a carbon-neutral company from Austria. Their business strives for the common good. Instead of maximizing profits, the goal is to increase well-being and cooperation. Activities are about showing respect and gratitude for the earth, people, workers, farms, and customers.

The carbon footprint is kept small by using environmentally friendly logistics and renewable energy. In order for Sonnentor to succeed in being carbon neutral, the company compensates for its own emissions and its next goal is to achieve negative CO2 emissions.

Sonnentor's packaging is recyclable and made from renewable natural resources. Good packaging consists of many properties and it was not easy to replace plastic. After a long period of hard work, the company has succeeded.

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Finnish Flow Cosmetics wants to make the world a better place

FLOW Cosmetics manufactures carbon-neutral products with professionalism and a big heart in the company's own small factory in Finland. All Flow Cosmetics products contain carefully selected natural raw materials and the packaging is recyclable, combustible, and produces as little rubbish as possible. The series is of course not tested on animals, like all other natural beauty products that we sell.

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Eliah Sahil - carbon-neutral natural beauty products that have as little impact on the environment as possible

Eliah Sahil is a carbon-neutral company known for its fabulous skin oils and shampoo powders. The company is actively involved in several different environmental protection and charity projects. The idea behind the Eliah Sahil series is to offer consumers simple natural beauty products that have as little impact on the environment as possible.

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