Carbon-neutral products: When you work with the Attitude series - nature stays unharmed!

The purpose of Attitude's activities is to create clean products, use less plastic in packaging and plant more trees in the world. The Attitude series is carbon neutral because all emissions from their manufacture are compensated. Learn more about our popular series! blog Attitude eco-friendly detergents

The acclaimed, carbon-neutral Attitude detergent series was founded by Jean-François Bernier and Benoît Lord in Montreal in the spring of 2005. The Pontimena detergent series had the founders' idea that they want to leave their children a legacy the world can be proud of.

- We believe that change starts with our daily choices and together we can make the world a better place - one product at a time.

For the founders of Attitude, Jean-François Bernier and Benoît Lord, it is important that products made from natural raw materials are skin and environmentally friendly and are at least as effective as synthetic alternatives.

Product development has clearly paid off, as Attitude's detergents have gained a lot of praise among Ruohonjuuri's customers over the years:

"Attitude's all-purpose cleaning spray is a fantastic product! It's the only substance that can be said to wipe with that greasy kitchen stove and dirt with a touch. No rubbing, no fuss or soaking. You are left with a fresh and clean scent, says our happy customer Jaana"

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Safe products under the magnifying glass

 All Attitude products are manufactured in such a way that they cause the least possible harm to the environment.

- Our product development criteria are very strict. First, our international suppliers must be able to certify that their products do not contain anything of concern based on international databases. We verify each ingredient with risk analyzes performed by Environmental Working Groups (EWG). We also analyze the manufacturing process and possible by-products. When everything is OK in our product on a theoretical level, we return to our own laboratory to create our own recipe, Attitude tells.

- Of course, we also evaluate the efficiency and functionality of each product from the perspective of sustainable development. The use of all-natural plant- and mineral-based unprocessed materials poses its own particular challenges compared to synthetic products.

The pioneer of carbon neutrality is also fighting for biodiversity

Attitude has been a carbon-neutral brand for a long time. According to detergent manufacturers, it is no rocket science:

- For us, carbon neutrality is a fairly simple thing: we estimate our greenhouse gas emissions through a cycle analysis, reduce GHG emissions as much as possible, and overcompensate for the remaining emissions by planting trees. We only use renewable energy in our production and limit greenhouse gas emissions from the transport of products, for example by transporting products by barge between the port and the warehouse in Europe, Attitude says.

- We are also trying to make it easy for consumers to reduce their own carbon footprint, for example by providing laundry detergents that are very effective when used in cold water. This way, the water does not have to be heated every time for washing.

In addition to climate change, Attitude also fights against natural disasters:

- Our afforestation targets not only focus on carbon compensation but also develop ecosystems to preserve biodiversity. The nature loss must, therefore, be stopped.

Eco detergents beat the common ones 6-0

There are many reasons to use eco-detergents, we listed a few of them:

- Air quality - The air we breathe outdoors can be polluted, but the indoor air can also contain toxins and pollutants that get there from traditional cleaning products. Using organic products keeps the indoor air cleaner.

- Cleaner water - Eco-detergents decompose in nature and do not remain in the load on water system and cause harm to aquatic organisms.

- Healthier ingredients - Have you ever had an allergic reaction to traditional cleansers? Unfortunately, these reactions are quite common. Eco detergents are more skin-friendly; they use raw materials that do not cause skin irritation.

- Less plastic pollution - Detergents can be purchased from Ruohonjuuri as a refill service for your own bottle - this avoids unnecessary plastic waste.