CIRCULOVE - a fully fermented skincare line: less but better

In a jungle of jars, you might feel frustrated: what on earth do you need all these things for? In fact, skincare is quite simple - just a few carefully selected, high-quality products is enough. By choosing less but better, you're helping both your skin and our planet feel better.

Circulove produces innovative, 100% natural and fully fermented skin care products that are an uncompromising masterpiece of Finnish natural cosmetics, but not many people know about them yet. It's time to change that and take the next step within natural cosmetics together, isn't it?

A skincare range without compromises

Circulove was born out of a passion to do good for both people's skin and the planet. It resolved to create a range without compromise, based on high values - without compromising the effectiveness of the products. Therefore, the main themes were doing good, respecting the principles of circular economy, zero waste, complete fermentation of ingredients and full transparency of the production chain. Every raw material and every detail of the packaging was carefully examined, with sustainability and responsibility as guiding principles. The aim was not to produce another unnecessary product in the world, but a range of skincare products that do good: less but better. True sustainability and well-being without compromising on effectiveness!

The first Finnish all-fermented skin care range

The strength of Circulove products is based on high quality, carefully selected pure raw materials - and in particular their complete fermentation. The products consist of fresh, slowly fermented plants and the purest plant oils to nourish the skin and restore its natural microbial balance.


Circulove - täysfementoitua luonnonkosmetiikkaa

Fermentation - the secret of glowing skin?

In fermented skincare products, the ingredients are absorbed deeper into the skin and provide unique effects. Fermentation breaks down the raw materials into smaller pieces, allowing the active ingredients to be used by the skin in an optimal way.

As an end product, new compounds are also produced, such as skin-nourishing amino acids, fatty acids, peptides, vitamins, probiotics, postbiotics and protective antioxidants.

Fermentation also increases the shelf life and effectiveness of natural cosmetics. In addition, fermentation provides a naturally appropriate pH balance for the skin. Fermented products are ideal for sensitive skin, eczema, acne and to prevent premature skin ageing.

Small batches with a big heart

Circulove's products are produced in small batches in Finland - with the spirit of craftsmanship, love and reliable expertise. This enables skin care products that contain slowly fermented ingredients that also help sensitive skin feel better.

Circulove products make use of fresh plants and berries that are an important part of the Nordic tradition. They have been selected not only for their effectiveness but also for their low environmental impact.

The pioneer of simple skin care

The rule of thumb is: the fewer products, the less hassle and environmental impact. Instead of quantity, it's better to focus on quality, so invest in a few skincare products that really work, rather than a dozen mediocre or low-quality tubes that won't help your skin at all.

The cornerstones of minimalist skin care

In fact, you only need four skincare products - no more, once you've chosen them carefully.

According Circulove, the four most important ones are:

  1. Cleanser and toner together
  2. Serum (also for the skin around the eyes) - Water moisturiser
  3. Facial oil - Oil moisturiser
  4. Day cream - with SPF 20

Circulove face cream has a dreamy texture with sun protection factor 20, which protects the skin especially from the spring and summer sun. Office rats and phone addicts benefit from SPF all year round, as it protects skin from the damaging effects of blue light from screens.