Coniferous extract drink: the tree's turn to hug you!

Kari's coniferous extract drink won the 2021 Health Product of the Year award - for a good reason. Let's take a closer look at the background to this highly popular and powerful drink.
Karin Havu coniferous extract drink |

The recipe for coniferous extract drink dates back to the 1960s, when Kari Herttua, the founder of the family business traveled around Finland to collect the traditions passed down from generation to generation on how to make the drink from pine bark and sap.

The first extract beverages were brewed at the Koski farm in Siikainen as early as 1975. The company Ravintorengas Oy was founded the following year. So the drink, which draws on the power of Finnish coniferous trees, has a long history behind it.

- Our coniferous extract drink hasn't changed in 45 years, but the recipe has remained authentic and original," says Sanna Herttua-Laiho, CEO of Ravintorengas.

Vitality from forest

Ravintorengas, a company that produces drinks with coniferous extracts with love and skill, aims to offer people the vitality of the forest in their everyday lives.

- We believe that health promotion and disease prevention are the way of the future to take care of health. We want to help people stay healthy. We get a lot of joy and strength from the feedback we get from people who use the drink and tell us what a great impact it has had on them.

- We appreciate the clean forests and nature of the Finnish countryside. It's good that we are constantly learning more about the health benefits of forests. So the aim of the company is to make a little bit of the forest available to everyone - in the form of a drink. You could say that coniferous extract drink is the power of the forest and centuries of traditional knowledge squeezed into a bottle," says Sanna Herttua-Laiho.

The vitality of the countryside is important to the producers of coniferous extracts and they want to increase it through their own choices - for example, by employing local people and acting in a responsible and transparent way.

Ravintorengas is a family business where people-oriented values are important. Thirteen employees are currently working on the coniferous tree extract drink.

Coniferous extract drink is still produced in the same place where the story of the drink began: in Siikainen, in the northern part of Satakunta, at Koski farm in Hirvijärvi. The forest-based beverages are produced in the middle of pure nature, away from settlements, motorways and other industry.

Karin Havu coniferous extract drink |

The classic drink's reputation grows with inspiring user experiences

The popularity of the drink is reflected in the many satisfied customers over the decades. The positive reputation of the product is transferred from one user to another.

The coniferous extract drink has also been studied by several universities. Scientific research began at the University of Turku and the first results were published in 1996, showing that, in addition to natural minerals and trace elements, the drink is rich in phenolic compounds which act as powerful antioxidants. Research on the active substances in pine has continued in the 2000s, and various research projects are researching, among other things, the compounds of the pine trees and their effect on inflammation.

Pine bark and needles are naturally rich in minerals and trace elements, antioxidants and phenolic compounds such as oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs). Plants produce these substances, for example, to protect themselves against external threats.

Coniferous tree extract drink is suitable for everyone

Kari's coniferous extract drink is a very safe product. It's a fortifying drink suitable for everyone, regardless of age. It can also be enjoyed with various medications or medication treatments and during breastfeeding or being pregnant.

Users have reported a wide range of benefits from Kari's coniferous extract drink. Unfortunately, as there are no health claims approved by the authorities, we cannot say more about these benefits.

Coniferous extract drink is the Health Product of the Year 2021

The coniferous extract drink was chosen in a public vote as the winner of the Health Product of the Year 2021 competition. The drink beat its competitors by far.

The coniferous extract drink can easily be called a classic health drink. Kari's coniferous extract drink has already been named the Health Food Expert of the Year in 2003 and 2010. This is the third time Kari has won and this time it was voted for by health food store customers.

Kari's coniferous extract drink is a 100% natural and organic product. The raw material comes from responsibly managed organic forests in the local area and craftsmanship is strongly present at every step of the manufacturing process. No chemical solvents are used and no preservatives are added. That's why you can feel the quality on your tongue when you drink this powerful, forest flavoured drink.