Eliah Sahil: Award-winning organic cosmetics

European Green Awards-winning organic cosmetics brand Eliah Sahil was created by yoga teacher Silvio Perpmer as a tribute to nature and his son. The raw materials used in the products are produced with great love and care, from the natural resources to packaging. Get a closer peek into their story and products on our blog!
Eliah Sahil organic natural cosmetics | Ruohonjuuri.com

In 2008, yoga teacher Silvio Perpmer founded the organic cosmetics brand Eliah Sahil, named after his son, as a tribute to nature and his son. The raw materials used in the products are produced with respect for natural resources, right down to the delightful product packaging. A deep respect for nature and every inhabitant of our planet exudes in these vegan and animal-free products.

The Austrian organic cosmetics brand, which has won over Ruohonjuuri's customers with its wonderful skin oils and great shampoo powders, was also honoured at the European Green Awards this spring. The award is given to innovative, responsibly produced products that respect European nature, with a special focus on ecological and fair solutions. These characteristics perfectly reflect Eliah Sahil's products and the company's values, which are inspired by founder Silvio's deep connection with nature and environmental awareness.

"By living in harmony with nature, we do good for ourselves and the planet." Silvio Perpmer

Eliah Sahil's Zero Waste shower powders won the 2021 Green Product Design category, which honours excellence in design for sustainable products and campaigns. The keys to the win were the PH-neutral composition, 100% natural organic ingredients and Zero Waste packaging concept of Eliah Sahil products, combined with a new innovative shower powder.

Eliah Sahil organic natural cosmetics | Ruohonjuuri.com

Organic cosmetics that meet strict quality standards

Made from authentic herbs and plants with love and solid craftsmanship; Eliah Sahil products are ICADA certified organic cosmetics. This certification guarantees that the products are completely natural and meet the maximum content of certified organic ingredients. Eliah Sahil natural cosmetics that meet the criteria for organic cosmetics are therefore (still) a step towards more natural cosmetics.

Zero Waste cosmetics

Eliah Sahil is a carbon neutral company that is also actively and wholeheartedly involved in a number of environmental and charity projects. The company is committed to climate protection and the fight against climate change with the aim of preserving a biodiverse environment for future generations. The carbon footprint of the company and its products is defined, so that the company is able to compensate for all its emissions. In addition to its carbon-neutral operations, it supports a number of different climate protection projects, including a biomass project in India and a wind farm project in Pakistan.

Eliah Sahil's products are Zero Waste products, so very little packaging material is used. Of course, the packaging is plastic-free and the products are packaged in recyclable aluminium and glass containers. The containers can be refilled with refillable packaging that is 100% biodegradable and compostable. The labels on the packaging are made from natural stone, so they use 80% less water to produce than conventional labels. Best of all, there is no need to cut down trees for paper production in the first place! The paper used for marketing is made from grass paper and even the tape used by the company is made from potato starch. The life cycle of the products from start to finish has been carefully and thoughtfully considered with the earth's carrying capacity in mind.

Carbon-neutral wonderfulness

In addition to shower powders, Eliah Sahil's range also includes shampoos, conditioner and even toothpaste powder! The powder formula means that no water is needed, so the products contain 100% active ingredients. The water-free powders also make the products very lightweight, which means that carbon dioxide emissions during transport are reduced considerably - another great example of the care that goes into everything. Eliah Sahil powder shampoo, for example, is 100% natural - it's no coincidence that the shampoo is praised for its natural credentials. Eliah Sahil products are naturally free from nastiness such as surface-active or skin-irritating preservatives.

Eliah Sahil

Innovative zero-emission cosmetics convinced the jury

The European Green Award jury praised in particular the excellent ecological quality of Eliah Sahil products and the exemplary waste-free approach to spray powders through material selection and reusability. The sustainably produced brand has also not compromised on aesthetics and invests in the visual appeal of its products, so that functionality and appearance go hand in hand. The production reflects a detailed and thorough design process that creates an exceptionally sustainable experience for the customers, from packaging to visually refreshing communication.

"Eliah Sahil has a totally consistent approach across all aspects of its products, and a very well-thought-out product range. Impressive! " Mark Chalmers.