Nordic Health and Experiences with Magnesium gel

Magnesium gel, applied directly to the skin at the problem site, is particularly quick and effective in muscle cramps, cramps and muscle recovery. Find out more of the test results in this story!
Nordic Health and Experiences with Magnesium gel

Nordic Health Sprays studied the effectiveness of the Extra Strong Magnesium Gel in a test group of 30 people during a one-month test period. The group included various fitness enthusiasts and exercisers who regularly had e.g. muscle cramps and cramps.

Extra Strong Magnesium Gel is very strong, as the name implies! 1 ml of gel contains 100 mg of magnesium – one teaspoon of gel gives you 500 mg of magnesium, so even a small amount of gel is enough. Magnesium gel, applied directly to the skin at the problem site, is particularly quick and effective in muscle cramps, cramps and muscle recovery.

91% of testers received help for muscle cramps by using Extra Strong Magnesium Gel

Magnesium gel helped testers reduce or eliminate muscle cramps. Nights cramps after a day full of exercise were significantly reduced and the gel was very helpful with muscle cramps during exercise when the gel was used before exercise. Some of those who tested the strong magnesium gel received help not only for muscle cramps but also for restless legs.

“The gel helped with muscle cramps and restless legs, and it helped really fast. Faster than oral magnesium products.”

One person who tested the magnesium gel described how he had previously always had cramps as well as symptoms of restless legs the night after a marathon. Using magnesium gel, both miserable ailments were gone for good!

88% of testers received help for cramps by using Extra Strong Magnesium Gel.


The use of magnesium gel also relaxed the muscles of those who tested it and helped them recover. The muscles recovered better during the night when the gel was applied to them in the evening. The gel accelerated recovery from workouts, and the muscles did not hurt as much as usual. The gel also brought significant relief to various muscle tensions and muscle stiffness.

An impressive 87 percent of the testers were satisfied with the Extra Strong Magnesium Gel and received help from it.

The best part about Nordic Health Sprays Extra Strong Magnesium Gel

  • High magnesium content

  • Odorless

  • Pleasant to the skin

  • Affects and helps quickly

  • Help with cramps, muscle cramps and tension

  • Help for restless feet

  • Relaxes and restores muscles

  • Preventive effect


Experiences by magnesium gel users:

  • “I have found a product I will never give up! I have suffered from leg cramps since I was a child. I have been eating magnesium supplements regularly for a long time, to no avail. There were at least eight evenings during the test period when my calves hurt at bedtime even though I had taken a muscle relaxant I normally use as a tablet. After applying the magnesium gel to my calves, it only took about 10 minutes for the pain to stop completely, and I slept soundly until the morning!”

  • “I start to get cramps during and after cycling. I used the gel before and after the exercise, and the cramps stopped completely.”

  • “My hips cramp easily, even during a slow run. I rubbed magnesium gel into the hips, and there was no pain whatsoever during the run.”

  • “Three months ago during an active training period, the calves, especially my right calf, were aching a lot and became cramped and tense, which didn’t go away even after a two-week break. In the initial phase of using the gel, I had almost been unable to jog at all for more than two months, and the cramp seemed chronic. Already on the second day after starting to use the gel, I started to notice that the calf was more relaxed. After a week, the cramp and tenseness were completely gone, and after that I have been able to jog again normally, and my running has no longer been limited by my calves. Such a great product!”

  • “In the evenings, I easily get cramps on my feet after a day of sweating at work and when exercising. The gel helped with the cramps, and there were no more cramps while using it.”

  • “The night after the marathon, I had no cramps, although previously I have always had a lot of them and they have been severe. In addition, my legs have been really restless after the marathon, but when using the gel in the evening they felt normal.”