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Which supplements are particularly important for men and why? Take a look at this article by Ruohonjuuri's nutritionist Eijaliisa Koivu for tips to support your well-being.
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Dietary nutrient richness and nutrient intake is as important for men as it is for everyone else - that's obvious! However, there are some things that men in particular should pay particular attention to in their nutrition if they want to feel their best overall.

Specific needs vary according to life circumstances

People of different ages and at different stages of life have their own specific needs - regardless of gender, of course.

- A growing and developing teenager may need support with age-related skin challenges if pimples are a problem. It's a good idea to pay attention to blood sugar balance and cut out milk, sugar and wheat from your diet. Several vitamin B help to keep the skin normal so B-complex is a good choice. Sprinkle nutritious brewer's yeast on foods like grated Parmesan cheese.

Vitamin A is also good for skin health. It can be taken, for example, as a 1-2 month course. Vitamin E from wheat germ oil, for example, is also a good choice. If you suffer from acne externally, you should head to the natural cosmetics shelves and choose a tea tree soap, for example, to repel pimples," recommends the nutritionist.

Active men, on the other hand, may need extra support for muscle conditioning and maintenance. A handy magnesium spray or cream is a great post-workout pick-me-up. Externally applied magnesium products can also help with growing pains in children and adolescents.

- If your diet is one-sided for any reason, it's a good idea to ensure that you get all the nutrients you need with a multivitamin supplement. For all ages and sexes, I would remind people of the need for vitamin D, especially from autumn to summer when it's not available from the sun.  Vegetarians and vegans should also remember to take vitamin B12," says Eijaliisa Koivu of the basic health support.

When newlyweds dream of starting a family, fathers-to-be also need to think about their lifestyle and nutrient intake.

- It is important for hormone balance to keep blood sugar levels steady by eating a varied and nutritious diet at regular intervals throughout the day," says Koivu.

Vitamin B6 contributes to endocrine function and zinc helps keep testosterone levels normal. Selenium, on the other hand, is known to promote normal sperm formation.

- Fertility and sperm quality can therefore be influenced by a healthy diet and supplements. Relaxation is also important, as stress hormones affect hormone balance and fertility," advises the nutritionist.

Taking magnesium in the evening can relax you and promote good sleep. The need for magnesium increases as a result of both stress and hard exercise, so it's worth refilling, especially in a fast-paced life.

- It's important to remember the good fatty acids Omega3, as well as ubiquinone and L-arginine, which you can get from almonds, for example," adds Eijaliisa Koivu.

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Masculinity and testosterone

Testosterone is important for everyone, regardless of gender. They contribute to physical strength, energy, skeletal health, enthusiasm and a positive mood towards whatever comes your way and your partner.

- Zinc, vitamin D and magnesium are essential for testosterone production," says the nutritionist.

Testosterone levels decline with age, but even in younger men they can rise, especially if they have put on weight or have a medical condition that puts a strain on the body.

- However, it's worth bearing in mind that, for example, under stress, cortisol production can deplete the building blocks of male hormones. If you're under stress, I recommend slowing down and trying something like rosehip or ashwagandha, reishi, or chaga.

- Being overweight, smoking and drinking alcohol can also lower testosterone levels. Sleep is important here too, with deep REM sleep cycles affecting testosterone secretion. There are a number of excellent sleep aids ranging from spike mats to valerian. A gentle evening tea and a good evening routine can already help you get a good night's rest," advises Eijaliisa Koivu.

Help with the challenges of andropause

Typical symptoms of male menopause, or the andropause, include loss of vitality, fatigue, irritability, depression, reduced sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, sweating, loss of muscle mass and strength, and an associated increase in fat tissue in the middle section. Some of these challenges sound quite similar to menopausal symptoms in women.

- In addition to the testosterone-boosting things mentioned earlier, this phase of life can be supported by things like maca powder, which boosts sexual vitality and performance, as well as boosting endocrine function, including mental and physical energy. As the name suggests, Superman can also provide the desired support for your sex life.

Prostate well-being

Saw palmetto is a suitable potion for slightly older men to support the prostate and urinary tract.

- If cholesterol levels are elevated, the first thing to look out for is diet and exercise habits. At best, corrections can lead to an improvement in levels. So choose good fatty acids such as camelina oil, garlic either in food or in a good dose in capsule form (Kyolic).

- Dietary sources of Beta-glucan in oats and barley and pectin in vegetables, fruit and berries are the friends of those with high cholesterol. Swapping regular cream for oat cream can also help, the nutritionist says.

Every man, regardless of age, is sure to want to be energetic and in a good mood. Additional support for a cleaner look can come from ubiquinone Q10 and alpha lipoic acid.

To support good immunity, vitamin D and zinc are really important - and you should also remember selenium, which also protects cells from oxidative stress.

- The importance of a varied diet, rich in colourful vegetables, for well-being can hardly be overstated.

Good digestion is a prerequisite for the absorption of nutrients, so the intestinal tract should also be cared for as necessary. Saccharomyces boulardii or lactic acid bacteria have become popular among those seeking overall well-being.

- If your bowels are not functioning properly on a daily basis, it's a good idea to increase your intake of vegetables and bran or take a fiber supplement of psyllium, chia seeds or oat fiber," says the nutritionist.

- If your digestion doesn't like beans or heavier foods, for example, you can take a digestive enzyme at the start of a meal.

The Ruohonjuuri nutritionist also reminds you to get enough protein:

- In general, depending on your gender, age and activity level, you should get 1-2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. The elderly often suffer from a lack of protein, which is reflected in a loss of muscle tone. Many athletes and people who train for muscle training can also benefit from protein supplements.

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