Foodin – better food for a better tomorrow!

The Finnish family business Foodin imports and manufactures a wide range of ethically produced organic foods and superfoods -great products that are happily flowing on Ruohonjuuri's shelves.
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Foodin’s products certainly won’t go unnoticed by anyone who has entered Ruohonjuuri. Foodin imports and manufactures a wide range of ethically produced organic foods and superfoods – great products that are also widely available in Ruohonjuuri.

Lasse Jalkanen founded Rawmance Oy in 2009, but the Foodin brand was officially created in 2013, when resale to brick-and-mortar stores also began. The idea for the company came purely from great enthusiasm and interest in healthy and sustainably produced food. This is also where Foodin’s slogan of “Parempaa ruokaa paremmalle huomiselle” (better food for a better tomorrow) comes from. In other words, using products that create a better world is important. Foodin’s other entrepreneur, Maria Jalkanen, started her career in another company and since the beginning of 2015 has been part of Foodin’s story along with Lasse Jalkanen.

“Our entire operations are in Jyväskylä, the town where we were born and raised, and we currently employ 35 people full-time.”

“Our first products were raw cocoa products. Lasse was initially enthusiastic about raw chocolate, the health effects of cocoa, and how to better enjoy it.”

“In Ruohonjuuri, Foodin's products have been available right from the start, and working with them is great! Ruohonjuuri is a pioneer and leader in the field, so we at Foodin are grateful to be able to be present in Ruohonjuuri with a large selection,” the entrepreneurial couple say.

Foodin’s mission is to make raw materials and products more available and bring every consumer closer to raw materials and products that do not only good for their users, but also for their farmers and the entire planet. At Foodin, they want the product chain to be continue seamlessly from farmer to consumer, so that their products are not only clean and of high quality, but also produced ethically and sustainably.

Ruohonjuuris products on sale in January (caprylic acid, turmeric, unflavored whey protein) are also all actively used in the Jalkanen family, but one is used more than the others: Finnish whey protein.

“Our Finnish proteins are casein-free and low-lactose pure protein supplements, flavored only with real natural flavors. Our proteins are well suited for milkshakes or baking, for example in making the best pancakes in the world!”

Whey protein is an easy and good way to ensure adequate protein intake at any age. Protein supplements are also a great way to increase the nutritional value of snacks and thus reduce the use of meat in other meals. Our gently prepared, pure Finnish protein also contains health-promoting microfractions that support the functioning of the immune system, for example.

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