Get rid of exhaustion in a blink of an eye

In battling fatigue, it is important to maintain the function of mitochondria, called cellular power plants, and to increase energy production. Read about natural ubiquinone.
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Ubiquinone or coenzyme Q10 is an essential substance in the body's energy production. Without it, cells cannot produce energy for use. Ubiquinone deficiency is often first seen as fatigue and weakness.

The body's own ubiquinone production is at its peak in its twenties, and it begins to slow down before the age of 30. Prolonged stress and hard training can also empty the body of ubiquinone storage.
The liver produces ubiquinone, the synthesis of which automatically converts it into a form that is absorbed by cells into ubiquinol. Sometimes the conversion does not work, because the synthesis is affected by e.g. enzyme activity and sufficient selenium intake. Vegetarians in particular should take care of their selenium intake. Take natural ubiquinone to support the body’s own ubiquinone production.

Only absorbed ubiquinone can work

There are large differences in the qualities of different ubiquinone preparations. How well ubiquinone is absorbed by the body depends on the method of preparation and the quality of the raw materials. It is desirable to choose a natural ubiquinone preparation that is documented to be absorbed by the body.

Because ubiquinone is a fat-soluble, vitamin-like substance, it is recommended to be taken with meals, preferably with breakfast.

Author: Katja Saarikoski