HAVU Cosmetics - More beauty and zero waste

HAVU Cosmetics is a Finnish natural cosmetics design brand that draws its inspiration from northern nature. The materials and design of the products are designed to respect our stunningly beautiful nature, from the manufacturing process to recycling. Read more about the innovative natural cosmetics in this story.
HAVU Cosmetics Innovation and beauty from Finland | Ruohonjuuri.com

HAVU Cosmetics was born from the passion for nature and cosmetics of its founder Lumi Maunuvaara and her innovative ideas. Lumi made the first prototypes of her products during a summer course at university and opened up about her ideas to Tatu Fontell. Tatu, in turn, was inspired by Lumi's great visions and successful prototypes and quickly saw the potential of the brand. Together they decided to found Havu Cosmetics, whose high-quality and ecological products Ruohonjuuri's customers can now also enjoy! HAVU's lipsticks are plant-based and contain only natural oils and waxes.

HAVU Cosmetics | Ruohonjuuri.com

What is the company's philosophy and why zero waste lip make-up?

-I made my first products - lipstick and eye shadow - during the summer course in 2017. One of them ended up as our first product - lipstick. This is what we have built our first products around. We particularly want to continue to focus on colour cosmetics, also beyond lip products, says Lumi.

The packaging of lipsticks has been a particular focus, as unfortunately often even natural cosmetics end up in plastic packaging. Respect for nature is of paramount importance to Lumi and Tatu, so they also want to finish their products so that they leave no trace at the end of their life cycle, and the user can enjoy the pleasure of the product until the end.

How did your first lipstick come about?

- Havu's wooden lipstick was officially launched in its current form in autumn 2019. It was the third version of the original idea and the formula had been updated a lot from the first versions. The current lipstick is made of PLA, black alder and aspen. It can be thrown away in organic waste after use. I made the first prototypes myself in the lab, that's where the idea originally came from," Lumi recalls.

HAVU Cosmetics biodegradable lipsticks | Ruohonjuuri.com

What is your most popular product and what do you think is the reason for its popularity?

- Our lipstick without a doubt! They are something new and different, there are still few biodegradable products on the market and the design is also different from many other lipstick kits. Eco-products and natural cosmetics is a fast growing business. Our lipsticks are made to be easy to use, lightweight and soft to the touch on the lips. The formulation in particular gets a lot of praise from customers," says Lumi.

Packaging distinguishes HAVU Cosmetics products from other natural cosmetics on the market

HAVU Cosmetics stands out in the market, especially thanks to its packaging. The founders saw that biodegradable products and packaging made entirely from renewable raw materials were still scarce on the market. Indeed, natural cosmetics are unfortunately often packaged in plastic and the packaging is often disposable with a short lifespan.

- Our packaging uses only renewable raw materials and is biodegradable. Our motto is more beauty, zero waste. Our lipsticks are made from PLA (polylactide), a polymer made from starch, black alder and aspen. We use Sulapac material in our lip care products. Our new lipstick refills use only cardboard and paper to protect the lipstick! All our products are assembled in Finland and the cosmetics themselves are manufactured in our own lab in Espoo," Lumi sums up.

A tip for all lipstick lovers:

HAVU Cosmetics new refill packs fit all standard size lipstick cases! So if you have discarded or used plastic lipstick cases hanging around your home, you can fill them with HAVU Cosmetics refill! This way you can give an already existing plastic packaging a new lease of life and extend its lifespan!