"I recommend curaMIN® for the age group that often suffers from joint pain."

Sikke was one of the first in Finland to try the award-winning joint preparation curaMIN®, which has become a big hit among millions of users worldwide.
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Sikke Sumari, 69, is a manager and multi-tasker. She is full of energy and intends to stay that way.

- I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren and moving around. I am also grateful that I still get to do what I want to do, regardless of my advanced age. It makes life worth living.

Despite the good living habits, the problems with Sikke's thumbs worsened over time.

- I don't know what causes them, maybe it's work or using my mobile phone too much," she says, laughing.

Sikke was among the first in Finland to try the joint preparation with many feathers in her hat! It's a great product that has undergone numerous clinical studies and has satisfied users all over the world. The product has won an incredible 30 awards in the US and been granted 29 patents. The product is called curaMIN®.

- My wish and expectation is that the product protects against further joint pain and improves mobility. The preparation contains turmeric which has been used for decades and centuries for joint health, I have understood.

- I believe first and foremost in the preventive effects of the product in terms of joint health.

The product contains BCM95® (turmeric + turmerones) and BosPure-boswell. The powerful ingredients contribute to each other, enhancing the properties. Efficacy & safety have been demonstrated through multiple research studies. The first research using curaMIN including the ingredients BCM95® and BosPure® as an active preparation dates back to 2013. The results were impressive - nine out of ten users of a preparation containing BCM95® and BosPure® felt that the preparation helped maintain and support normal joint health.

Sikke is familiar with the extensive research that curaMIN has undergone. She is satisfied that the product is both well researched and safe.

- I recommend the product for the age group that often suffers from joint problems. I would also like to mention the importance of exercise.

Millions of satisfied users worldwide report improved quality of life and praise the product's positive effects on joint health, especially joint mobility.

curaMIN puts joints in motion

Wear and tear, lifestyle and genes affect our joint health. Like other risk factors, oxidative stress is at the root of joint disease and the process that puts our joints and cartilage to the test.

curaMIN contains extracts that have been studied to help in the fight against oxidative stress. Research establishes that curaMIN with BCM95® and BosPure® is a safe and effective blend for your joints. One pack of curaMIN contains 90 capsules. The normal daily dose is two capsules daily, one in the morning and one in the evening.

Picture: Jassu Dammert

1 Health claims are based on health claims approved by EFSA for turmeric and boswell.

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