Kaurilan sauna – Luxurious pampering beauty care from natural ingredients!

Kaurila's Sauna Finnish natural cosmetics, handcrafted from natural treasures, is an ethical and ecological choice. It's no wonder that Kaurila's Sauna products have charmed numerous of Ruohonjuuri customers as well as our staff.
Kaurilan Sauna | Ruohonjuuri.com
Jaakko and Saara from Kaurilan Sauna.

The story of Kaurilan sauna begins with a general sauna, which Saara founded in 2009, when she wanted to open the yard sauna she loved for guests to use as well. Sarah sewed towels for the guests, made her own candles and then started creating natural cosmetics because she was not happy with the selections in the shops at the time. Over time, sauna guests fell in love with the handcrafted pampering products – so much so that they wanted to buy them for themselves. This is how the story of Kaurilan sauna’s natural cosmetics began.

Kaurilan sauna’s products have been created in the warmth of a traditional wooden sauna – and that is what brings them a touch of genuine rural appeal and the grit of a relentless female entrepreneur.

The first natural cosmetic product by Kaurilan sauna is Sea Salt Soap. Saara has atopic skin, which is why she wanted to develop a functional but gentle soap for both herself and her sauna guests. And that’s exactly what Kaurilan sauna’s Sea Salt Soap is, available at Ruohonjuuri!

“The purpose of our company is to give everyone the opportunity to use high-quality, ecological and ethical cosmetics that do good for themselves and the environment. We try to keep the company’s operations profitable so that we can constantly develop new products in accordance with the customers' wishes,” Jaakko and Saara from Kaurilan Sauna explain.

“We think that using natural cosmetics is a good way to make a small contribution to benefit nature and the environment. We warmly recommend Kaurilan sauna’s products to everyone who is interested in their own health and wants good things for nature and the environment.”

Kaurilan sauna owners' own favorites include the Vegan Lemongrass Deodorant Cream, which they both use on a daily basis.

Vegan deodorant creams have become Kaurilan sauna’s most popular products while the marvelous shampoo bars came a close second in popularity.

“In our opinion, the reason for the popularity of the deo cream is best summed up by the feedback of Merja, 47, from Helsinki, who judged it to be “the best deodorant in the world”. Shampoo bars, on the other hand, are well liked because they wash gently but effectively and do not leave your hair sticky,” Jaakko and Saara say.

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