Kinoko balances your skins own microbiome with probiotics and kombucha

Kinoko is a natural cosmetics brand that is designed to harmonize your skin`s microcosmos.
Kinoko face cream

Kinoko brand in a nutshell: its products will harmonize your skin with probiotics and kombucha, so your skin stays well and healthy.

Probiotics are the good guys that keep the bad guys away.

- We wanted to have good qualities in kombucha in cosmetics. That is why we created this series that takes care of our skin with good probiotics in the same way kombucha takes care of our stomach. We captured these great benefits to Kinoko products that take care of our skin, Marika Ropanen from Greasy fingers says.

Kinoko is also making a statement about toxic beauty standards.

- We feel that being imperfect is great. No one is you and that is your superpower, Ropanen summarizes.

The smartest way to take care of your skin is to support your skin's natural balance and its own microbiome.

- That is we praise these two: probiotics and kombucha, which are used in all Kinoko products.

Kombucha to your lovely skin!

The main effect of using kombucha externally is to refresh and balance skin. Kombucha has purifying organic acids and vitamin B that can make your skin brighter. It can also prevent your skin`s aging with anti-glycation technology. This makes your skin more flexible and firm.

The skin has its own microbiome and probiotics support and strengthen the good bacteria on the skin. The balanced microbiome really matters. For example, acne is a cause of an unbalanced microbiome where bad bacteria are causing infections. Often, rather than using heavy chemicals to clean it, a better solution is to feed the good bacteria and help the skin`s microbiome balance.

Pollutions in the air and altering weather conditions also mix your skin`s balance, and sometimes extra help from the jar can be needed. You could almost say that probiotics are the skin`s superfood.

Kinoko is a Finnish, natural, and vegan skincare series that`s a magical combination of probiotics and kombucha that does wonder for your skin.

Face wash

Holistic skincare

Kinoko`s philosophy is that positivity and appreciation of yourself are important also when thinking about skincare. Skin is a human's biggest organ and it gives feedback about how your body is doing. It is also clear that mind and body are bonded together.

Kinoko makes skincare magical, a ritual that increases pleasure, welfare, and self-confidence. Routines can bring you security in a hectic time. Kinoko's skincare ritual makes you concentrate on what is important: you.

- We at Kinoko believe that at its best, a face wash can also help to wash your troubles away. In the same way, applying face serum nourishes your skin but at the same time, it can also nourish your self-esteem, Marika Ropanen says.

You can see how excited Ropanen is and she recommends Kinoko to everyone. Kinoko products are designed to fit all skin types.

- We really believe that everybody`s skin can benefit from Kinoko. We also hope that Kinoko will bring a little mystic and good energy to each day and that people would learn to enjoy their everyday rituals. For example, taking a shower is concrete and makes you clean but it can be purifying also mentally.

- Each of us is our own microcosmos. Let's spread the good vibrations, Ropanen summarizes.