Kombucha`s long history

Let`s take a look at the history of this marvelous and healthy drink!
Kombucha small brewery

Once upon a time there lived a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) whose meaning of life was to create kombucha by fermentation. If you take care of your Scoby it will multiply and these babies will pass their legacy to the next generations. How far do we have to look to find the first, original Scoby?

Kombucha legends

The tales of kombucha’s origin are located somewhere in Asia and they all have one in common: kombucha`s healing power.

One of the most famous legends is about China`s emperor who lived during the Qin dynasty. He enjoyed kombucha as “the elixir of immortality” and as “the tea of the Gods”. The story tells that the empire had an alchemist to help him to live longer.

Another legend is telling about Korean doctor Ko-Mu-Cha, also known as Dr. Kombu. Buddhist texts tell that he healed an emperor of Japan with the special medicine that he brought from Korea. There are guesses that this special medicine was kombucha. Several sources confirm that Dr. Kombu existed and that he really has treated the emperor of Japan.

Whether true or false, it is known that tea comes from China. Also, it is known that fermentation has been used in China for thousands of years. These things are speaking on behalf of kombucha coming from China.

When coming to the 20th century we know more about kombucha`s history. The first study is from 1913 by a Russian scientist who called kombucha “ a tea mushroom”. It is recon that it came to Russia from Northen China and it was widely used in the early 20th century there. From Russia, it spread among other countries to Germany where it was used to heal the victims of the second world war.

From marginal to mainstream

Coming to the '90s, kombucha was no longer believed as “hippie stuff” as was still in the '80s, and it spread all over Western Europe and North America. Suddenly there were a lot of new studies and literature about kombucha and a lot of new breweries to make it.

The 2010s was the best decade for kombucha. In the year 2019 Kombucha Brewers International had already 360 breweries as a member of which 45 were from Europe.

Now it is clear that kombucha is here to stay. Microbreweries started the trend of producing alternatives to industrial beers and in a similar way, kombucha breweries are producing a better choice for industrial lemonades. It is typical that small breweries are working locally selling their products to local stores and restaurants. 

You can also make kombucha yourself at home! By starting your own mini brewery at home you can carry on the age-old tradition of fermentation. You can discover and develop new fantastic flavors of your own, maybe it could be a time for you to have a very own Scoby as your new family member?

World Kombucha Day 21.2.

World kombucha day was founded to celebrate the good doing fermentation and to spread kombucha awareness all over the world. The day 21.2. origins from the legend that it was discovered year 212 BCE. Let's rise up our kombucha glasses and celebrate!