Lily Lolo - World class Mineral Make-up

Lily Lolo produces natural mineral make-up that has been declared a cult. The brand is named after the nickname of British founders, Vikki Khan, sisters Lisa (Lily) and Lorraine (Lolo).
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Over the years, Lily Lolo has gained international praise and become a very popular make-up brand that is sold in hundreds of first-class beauty salons as well as carefully selected stores (such as ours) around the world.

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Lily Lolo's mineral make-up series is a combination of high quality, a wide range of colors, and textures that have been praised for being perfect. Lily Lolo never uses parabens, synthetic fragrances or coloring, but only natural ingredients that suit most people, even sensitive skin and allergy sufferers.

The founders of the series are especially proud of Lily Lolo's Cruelty-Free certification, which guarantees that finished products or the raw materials used are not tested with animals at any stage.

Lily Lolo cosmetics |

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