Lunette – celebrating the menstrual cup!

Did you know that Lunette from Finland is the world market leader in menstrual cups? Read more and be charmed!
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I’m not sure if you knew, but Ruohonjuuri was the first company in the world to start selling Lunette menstrual cups.

As Lunette’s very first customer, we whole-heartedly congratulate you on your tremendous success – and with pride, we continue to sell these ingenious cups that can save money, nature and nerves.


Lunette <3 Ruohonjuuri – how did it all start?

Heli Kurjanen decided to start manufacturing a Finnish menstrual cup in 2005. Once the website was open, Heli was contacted immediately by Ruohonjuuri. Although the products had not yet come from production at that time, Ruohonjuuri believed in the Finnish menstrual cup right from the start.

Ruohonjuuri has been a very important partner in Lunette’s initial efforts to change the world together – one cup at a time,” says menstruation mentor Mira Mäkelä of Lunette.  The partnership officially started on October 14, 2005. At that time, Ruohonjuuri had stores in Tampere, Turku and VR’s warehouses in Helsinki. Lunette menstrual cups, which had been in existence for two weeks on All Saints’ Day 2005, went on sale at a fair on the Ruohonjuuri stand, Mäkelä recalls.

The cooperation has been smooth all – of course!

“When we read about the news of the fire at the VR’s warehouses, we were very worried about our first retailer. Fortunately, new premises were found quickly and Ruohonjuuri continued stronger and better. Today, there are already 10 Ruohonjuuri stores and we have been excited to follow their excellent growth!”

Lunette is the one that has experienced truly amazing growth and evolution over the years! Now Lunette menstrual cups are the best-selling in the world, and for a good reason: these Finnish cups stand out from many competitors, for instance with the best design and guaranteed quality.

Today, Lunettes are sold in more than 40 countries, and Lune Group employs twelve people in Finland and the United States.


Making the world a better place – one cup at a time!

“We want to change the world one cup at a time, because we believe it is possible – all over the world,” says Mäkelä.

To change the world, Lune Group also has several charity projects underway. Responsible entrepreneurship is an essential part of Lunette's operations – the goal is to be part of the solution, to create sustainable and lasting changes in a more positive direction. By its own example, Lunette wants to be a leader for individuals and companies and show that change is possible.

Lunette wants to help improve living conditions and quality of life around the world. It is not just about donations and providing temporary help, but about ongoing work that has a long-term impact on the quality of life of individuals and communities. This is done in collaboration with various organizations and local people, so that the work is as efficient and useful as possible, Mäkelä sums up.

Amazing results from the cooperation e.g. with The Cup project:

    • The Cup is an organization that aims to educate and empower girls who live in harsh conditions. The Cup enables girls participating in the program to gain reliable and comprehensive information on health and menstrual-related topics. The girls also receive a menstruation cup, the use of which will be taught during the program.

    • Lunette and the Cup have been collaborating since 2015 and the collaboration is ongoing. During the cooperation, the lives of thousands of girls have already been changed.

    • The program has been implemented in Kenya, in the Kibera slum of Nairobi (Africa’s second largest slum), where one of the most common reasons for girls’ absence from school is menstruation. The goal of the program is to increase girls’ knowledge of menstrual, health, and sexual health issues. The goal is also to learn how to use the menstrual cup to reduce absences due to menstruation as well as to increase knowledge of health issues, to improve hygiene/sanitary spaces and to improve community conditions.

    • Achievements: girls’ absences from school due to menstruation were significantly reduced after receiving the menstrual cup, girls received expert and reliable information and were able to talk about things that were on their mind, and the program also increased parents’ knowledge.


A menstrual cup is an economical and environmentally friendly choice. It lasts for several years, and thus mountains of waste are avoided. The menstrual cup is the menstrual protection of the future, and menstruation is more fun for the user. 

Check out the Ruohonjuuri Lunette selection here!