Lunette does good

Lunette, known to many of our customers, is a Finnish company that focuses on sustainable menstrual protection and holistic intimate health. Lunette's flagship product is the menstrual cup that is familiar to many around the world. But Lunette is much more than that!
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Lunette's mission is to start a menstrual revolution led by a positive spirit. Lunette wants to encourage an open and inspiring debate about menstruation and make the world a better place where everyone has the right to menstrual health. Activism and doing good is an important part of Lunette's business and the reason why the company exists. It's also reflected in the company's values such as inclusion, leadership, sustainability and education.

Lunette's story started with the menstrual cup. The idea behind the product is a more sustainable world where menstrual health can be managed in an environmentally friendly way. Disposable sanitary towels generate a huge amount of waste, much of which ends up in nature, for example in the oceans. Sustainable protection solves this problem! That's why it's important that not only the product itself but also everything around it is sustainable. This applies to everything from the raw materials and the manufacturing process to the packaging of the cup. Lunette menstrual cups are manufactured and packaged in Finland with a focus on sustainable development.

Inclusiveness is one of Lunette's core values and is reflected in the company's operations: the Lunette packaging factory offers equal employment opportunities to everyone, regardless of ethnic or national origin, age, gender, sexuality, disability, cultural background or other personal reasons. In this way, the company aims to ensure fair and meaningful employment opportunities for the most vulnerable people, including people with disabilities. Lunette says: For us, ensuring sustainability, fairness and quality throughout the product chain is as important as the quality of our products.

Lunette's work for a menstruation revolution shows that it's thinking ahead! This includes, for example, engaging in responsible and inclusive dialogue about menstruation. Through open discussion, shame and taboos around menstruation are removed. Menstruation is a perfectly natural thing that no one should be ashamed of. In addition to open discussions, promoting inclusion is a priority for Lunette. Menstruation does not define femininity. Not everyone who menstruates is female and not all women menstruate.

One of Lunette's core values is education - everyone has the right to receive information about menstruation, sexuality and health. Therefore, part of Lunette's activism is to provide educational materials for teachers, health professionals and others working with children and adolescents who need support to maintain an open discussion and share the right information. Lunette sends out a large number of educational packs each year, along with electronic educational materials such as guides, videos and research on holistic wellbeing.

No one changes the world alone! That's why various partners are an important part of Lunette's activism! For example, the company cooperates with World Vision Finland and the The federation of Mother and Child homes and Shelters. Among its partners around the world is The Cup. Collaborations are diverse, such as work against female genital mutilation, education and awareness raising, eradication of menstrual poverty and changing attitudes. Menstrual poverty is an issue that has recently come to the fore and is now being discussed as a problem even in the so-called developed countries. It affects people all over the world, including in the Nordic countries. In May, Lunette donated almost 1,500 cups to the Finnish Red Cross to help the organization combat menstrual poverty among young people. In total, Lunette has donated more than 30,000 cups to various organisations over the years and printed and distributed more than 150,000 textbooks.

The company's motto is: We've been given a lot - that's why we want to give too.