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The journey to sleep is sometimes a rocky road. Blissful help on the way to the lands of dreams and sleep can then be found in magnesium cream. Nordic health sprays have solutions for both adults and juniors. Dive in and get help!
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A physically active day with fresh outdoor air creates the optimal conditions for sound sleep. However, brisk exercise should be timed for the early evening in order for the body and mind to have time to calm afterwards before going to bed.

Although brisk exercise often makes you pleasantly tired, the resulting muscle strain and aches can keep you awake at night. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to alleviate the aches, such as a thermotherapeutic oat pad that can be cooled or heated as needed, and magnesium products used internally and externally.

Magnesium helps the body recover

Magnesium is a natural relaxant that has a calming effect on the whole body. It is worth using magnesium products every day, and especially on exercise days. Externally applied magnesium cream also provides effective help for evening stiffness, aches, and relaxing.

NordicHealth Magnesium Sleep Cream has been tested on a group of diverse sports enthusiasts, fitness enthusiasts and athletes who were active in the gym, group exercise, crossfit, running, biking, skiing, swimming, triathlon and ball games. According to feedback from the test group, magnesium cream helps relieve muscle tension and the resulting pain. Tight, tense and strained muscles relax and the cream makes the legs feel light. One tester had a torn sartorius muscle in their thigh shortly before the start of the test period. The test subject said the ointment was of considerable benefit in healing the muscle.

Sleep Magnesium Cream also helped the testers with muscle pain. Magnesium helps muscles relax – it relieves post-workout muscle tension, which is also reflected in faster recovery. Legs feel lighter the morning after a heavy workout. For one tester, their calves had not previously recovered by stretching, but the use of the cream relaxed the sore calves after just one use.

Best parts about the Sleep Magnesium Cream according to users:

  •  Muscle relaxation
  •  Relief of muscle tension
  •  Calming of the senses
  •  Making it easier to fall asleep
  •  Waking up less often in the night
  •  Improving sleep quality
  •  A deeper and more continuous night's sleep
  •  Calming down the body that goes on overdrive due to working out in the evening
  •  Falling asleep successfully after an evening workout
  •  Better night’s sleep after an evening workout


Magnesium cream – proven to be effective for difficulty in sleeping

A magnesium cream used like a body lotion is a really handy and effective way to absorb magnesium into the body. NordicHealth provided Sleep Magnesium Cream to a neutral test group of 30 people for about six weeks. Two-thirds of magnesium cream testers had frequent or regular difficulty falling asleep in the evenings before the start of the test period. Most of them also often had muscle pain or tension that caused trouble falling asleep. Nearly every tester had difficulty falling asleep after an evening workout, and many said they often slept poorly the night after an evening workout.

An impressive 93 percent of testers recommend NordicHealth Sleep Magnesium Cream to a friend!

Falling asleep became easier for nine out of ten test subjects, and sleep quality improved after evening workouts. Some of the test group members found that they slept better than ever before after an evening workout, and especially the night after a competition or strenuous workout. Sleep quality improved in nearly 80 percent of respondents, with testers noticing an improvement in sleep quality on a calmer and deeper night’s sleep and a well-slept night. The quality of normally intermittent and shallow sleep improved, especially early in the night.

Two test subjects suffered from restless legs and reported that the cream relieved their restless feet. Thanks to its calming effect, the use of magnesium cream can help to improve sleep rhythm, which makes it easier to wake up in the morning.

“Waking in the morning was easier for some testers due to their being able to fall asleep faster and increased muscle relaxation,” a Nordic Health representative says.


 A magnesium cream for children – Sleep Magnesium Cream Junior

A very own magnesium cream for children

NordicHealth's range of magnesium products also includes its own magnesium cream for children, Sleep Magnesium Cream Junior. The magnesium cream makes it easier for a child with growth pain and helps a child who is restless in the evening to calm down. Junior magnesium cream is suitable for children over the age of one. The cream has been clinically proven to relax tired muscles and calm the senses and mind, allowing for a deeper and more regular sleep rhythm.

Nordic Health Sleep Magnesium Cream briefly:

  • Body lotion containing magnesium.

  • 100% pure magnesium.

  • Proven to be well absorbed.

  • Magnesium cream suitable for all skin types.

  • Dermatologically tested product.

  • Dedicated products designed for adults and children.

  • Helps relax muscles, relieves muscle tension.

  • Promotes good sleep quality.


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