Making the world a better place one product at a time

The dream of a world where all products are produced with respect for man and nature is still a long way ahead. However, we are moving in the right direction, in small steps. Responsible choices are perhaps more interesting to people now than ever before; the pandemic era has led many of us to reflect deeply on our ultimate values.
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Making the world a better and happier place one product at a time - making responsible choices is now easier!

More and more people want to choose responsibly and Ruohonjuuri is a great place to shop. Only good products are sold in Ruohonjuuri  - each of Ruohonjuuris 2000 products is a better choice for people and the environment. Ecological and ethical values ​​guide product choices, and to get on sale, Ruohonjuuri must be of high quality and ethically sustainable. So we know the backgrounds of our products and know, how to help our customers by actively serving them.

We work closely with companies that manufacture and produce our products and with small importing businesses. We invest in far-reaching cooperation with our partners.

In the case of food products, we value organic quality, additive-free, and nutrient density. We require a natural cosmetics certificate for cosmetic products. We also believe in fair trade, which respects people and nature.

Loads of product information - also on video!

Many increasingly need the information to support their choices. In the Ruohonjuuri online store, products can be searched and filtered based on different criteria. For example, vegan, organic, biodegradable, or zero waste products are easy to find. The products also contain information about their certificates and country of origin. This makes it even easier to make responsible and lifestyle-friendly choices. Information on product features and diets can be easily found on the product card.

The buttons below the properties section take you to browse all the products that have that feature. In the summer of 2021, Ruohonjuuris selection includes e.g. nearly 1,600 vegan products, 500 organic products. You can still crop products, for example, by clicking open on the left side of the crop menu. From there, in addition to properties, diet, and product groups, products can be limited by many different criteria, e.g:

  • Brand
  • Product type - e.g. tea bags and loose tea
  • Country of origin
  • Certificates
  • Skin type
  • Hair type

More information and practical tips for choosing and using products can also be found in the video. There are already one or more videos on the product pages of more than 2,000 products, which will help you to make a purchase decision, e.g. by showing how to use the product or telling more about the product or its manufacturer.


Ruohonjuuri video

Naturally, Ruohonjuuris curated selection, which contains only good products, makes the choice easier than usual from the very beginning - every product sold in Ruohonjuuri Oy is a truly good product. Check out the products here, for example

 LIST: Features & Diets [Links to libraries]


Living food


Gluten free

Fragrance Free


Carbon neutral

Lactose free


Additive free

Natural cosmetics

Dairy free





Zero Waste

Soya free

Sugar free

Sugar free





 LIST: Certificates [Links to biggest libraries]






Cosmos Natural

Cosmos Organic


DE-ÖKO-037 (Non-EU-Agriculture)





FSC (Mix board)

Gluten-free product (Crossed grain Symbol)



Leaping Bunny

Made Safe




Not tested on animals


Organic Farmers & Growers

Original excellent dermatest guarantee

OK-Compost EN13432

Rainforest alliance

Real Beauty Manifesto

Fair Trade

Soil Association

The Vegan Society



Vegetarian Society

Wessling controlled quality

Cruelty-Free International