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First we learn the basics – that is, why we should protect the skin from the sun.

“The most important thing is to protect the skin from sunburn. Sunburn causes cellular changes in the skin, which at worst cause skin cancer,” explains Maria Nykänen, an expert in natural cosmetics.

Of course, the skin should be protected for other reasons as well: excessive exposure to sunlight, for example, accelerates skin aging. People say that the skin has a “memory”. This is called photoaging. As the skin begins to thin with age, all the accumulated exposure to UV radiation over the years may begin to show up in the skin, for example as pigment changes and premature wrinkling of the skin.

Protection from the sun concerns everyone. In addition to the delicate skin of the smallest members of the family, you should also remember to protect your own skin. The use of sunscreens prevents the skin from drying out and aging prematurely.

In early summer, be careful in the sun!

It is important to use sunscreens from the very first sunny days of spring. After a long winter, the sun comes as a surprise to the skin and our complexion is not prepared to receive the sun’s UV radiation. In Finland, until midsummer the sun is shining at such an angle that it burns the skin easily.

“It is especially important to use natural cosmetic-quality sunscreens with physical protection from the very first rays of spring, if you have skin that is prone to rosacea or sunburn”, emphasizes Nykänen.

Certified natural cosmetics sunscreens are also safe for people with sensitive skin and skin problems. They do not allow the use of chemical UV filters, in other words the so-called reactive compounds.

Differences between chemical and natural cosmetic quality sunscreens

Why you should not use sunscreens with a chemical UV filter?

Chemical UV filters are reactive compounds that have biochemically harmful effects on both humans and nature – and all of these effects are not even known yet, Nykänen says.

As an example, she cites a chemical UV filter called octocrylene, which is such strong stuff that if one drop of it is dropped into ten swimming pools, it kills all the coral there.

“You can then think what this does to your skin,” Nykänen says.

Physical UV filters of natural cosmetic quality sunscreens are not reactive compounds but work differently. While a chemical UV filter will absorb the sun’s UV radiation, physical protection reflects the radiation away from the skin.

Physical UV filters for natural cosmetic quality sunscreens are, when well studied, safe even to be used on very sensitive skin and the youngest in the family. Typically, natural cosmetic quality sunscreens also have very mild and well-tolerated scents.

A natural cosmetic product with a natural physical filter can, of course, be identified from the natural cosmetics certificate. The selection includes several sunscreens for every occasion in the Madara-, Alga Maris, AcorelleMossa and Biosolis series. All Ruohonjuuri sunscreens are of natural cosmetic quality, and therefore the official natural cosmetics certificates can be found on the labels of the products.

How should children’s skin be protected?

Primarily, children’s skin is best protected by thin but opaque clothing and staying in the shade. However, if you are in the sun, for example when playing on the beach or swimming, it is worth using a natural cosmetic-quality sunscreen.

Natural cosmetic sunscreen with UV protection is definitely the best option for children, because their skin is thinner and not all the effects of chemical sunscreens are yet known, Nykänen points out.

Specially developed natural cosmetic sunscreens for children have very gentle ingredients and often also a higher sun protection factor, up to 50. Some children’s sunscreens are also 100 percent water resistant, which is also good to consider for beach days.

“It may not be possible to wash off 100% water resistant sunscreens in the shower, so the physical filters may “scale off.” Therefore, if you use a 100 percent waterproof sunscreen, you should occasionally rub in coconut oil, leave it on the skin for a while and then wash off the oil and the rest of the sunscreen with warm water in the shower. In this way, the waterproof sunscreen filter can be washed off – and as a bonus, the skin stays wonderfully soft,” says Nykänen.

Madara’s new products are part of the sunscreen elite

In the last moments of April, Ruohonjuuri was happy to add the Latvian brand new sunscreens in the Madara series to its selection. There are two sunscreens in the series – one for the face and the other for the body. Both have a sun protection factor of 30, so they provide high sun protection. The sunscreen for the face comes with a slight tone that makes the skin smooth, and is very effective in protecting it from burning.

Madara’s new sunscreens include, among other active ingredients, northern dragonhead, which helps protect skin collagen, prevents photoaging, protects against burns and rejuvenates the skin. Designed for adult skin, the sunscreen also contains hyaluronic acid, which effectively moisturizes the skin. If you are in the sun for long periods of time, moisture evaporates from the skin and it may dry out. Hyaluronic acid, which has gained a great reputation as a highly effective moisturizer, helps with this.

The Madara series sunscreen for the body is a cream suitable for the whole family, so children can also use it. It is an easily absorbed and easy-to-apply cream that is guaranteed not to leave your skin pale!

“Even if your child is very active and does not stay in place for long, the Madara sunscreen works excellently,” Nykänen says of the speed of absorption and ease of application of the new cream.

Since Madara sunscreen has 85 percent water resistance, it is advisable to add a new layer to the skin every time you take a dip. This ensures that the vital sunscreen is guaranteed to work.

The most trendy products in Madara’s sunscreen series are probably the “City CC creams,” which protect the skin from sunburns and have a sun protection factor of SPF 15. Madara CC creams contain an antioxidant oak bark extract that gives the skin effective protection against the effects of air pollution.

“Anti pollution” products are the hottest trend in the cosmetics world – and no wonder: in many big cities, air pollution is detrimental to both breathing and the wellbeing of skin.

Madara City CC creams are available in two shades designed for Nordic blonde skin, which perfectly cover small skin imperfections and effectively protect the skin from both UV radiation and air pollution.

By the way, did you know that essential citrus oil predisposes the skin to sunburn? Skin products containing lemon should therefore not be applied to the skin when sunbathing.

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