Natural cosmetics sunscreens are friendly to the skin and the environment!

Why choose a natural cosmetics certified sunscreen instead of having a chemical filter? We now learn the basics of protecting your skin from the sun. In addition to the skin, certified natural cosmetic-quality sunscreens are also environmentally friendly. 
Natural cosmetics sunscreens

Environmental friendliness

In addition to the skin, certified natural cosmetics sunscreens are also environmentally friendly. Natural cosmetics sunscreens do not damage corals.

In Hawaii, the sale of sunscreen was banned last year because the coral reefs surrounding the island had been found to be badly damaged due to the release of oxybenzone and octylmethoxycinnamate in sunscreens. Only natural cosmetic sunscreens that do not disturb sensitive ecosystems are sold at Ruohonjuuri.

Ruohonjuuris certified natural cosmetics sunscreens do not contain nano-particles and do not damage water bodies. 


For a sunscreen to really be natural and safe, it only needs to contain mineral filters and no chemical filters at all. Thus, only zinc and titanium dioxide act as mineral filters.

Chemical UV filters, which are used as an active ingredient in most ordinary sunscreens have harmful effects on both humans and delicate ecosystems. 

In natural cosmetics, the physical or mineral filters used as UV protection work differently from the chemical protection of basic sunscreens. When a chemical UV filter absorbs the sun’s UV radiation, the physical shields in turn reflect the radiation away from the skin.

Physical UV filters for natural cosmetic-quality sunscreens are, when well studied, safe even for the use of very sensitive skin and the youngest in the family. Typically, natural cosmetic-quality sunscreens also have very mild and well-tolerated scents.

Why protect your skin from the sun?

The most important thing is to protect your skin specifically from burning because it causes cellular changes in the skin, which in the worst case causes skin cancer.

There are other good reasons: excessive sunburn accelerates skin aging and causes pigment changes in addition to wrinkles. In addition to preventing premature aging, the use of sunscreens also moisturizes the skin.

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