Oral spray vitamins

What's the secret behind these popular vitamin sprays?
Using spray vitamins is quick and easy

 The biggest benefit of these oral vitamin sprays is that the nutrients are delivered fast and effectively from the mucous membranes of your mouth directly to your bloodstream. 

Oral sprays are a great choice for all, especially if you have digestive stomach problems or if you suspect the absorption of tablet vitamins. The problem with tablets is that you can't be sure if all the nutrients absorb in an optimal way. Unlike tablets, spray vitamins don't get into your digestive system, where it could be that they don't absorb at all in the worst case. Different digestive malabsorption is increasing these days- it is likely that also the intake of vitamins is weakening too.

Quick and easy!

Spray vitamins and nutrients are perfect for those who have problems with swallowing tablets. The sprays are especially handy for small children, and even bigger children find taking the spray vitamins fun and easy. No more counting tablets! A small Nordic Heath vitamin bottle is super easy to carry along. Lighten the load and give your digestive system a rest. Nordic health (outside Finland known as Better you) vitamins use only natural flavorings, sweeteners, and colorings.

The Better Planet Project- actions for a better tomorrow

Nordic Health is committed to using only 100% recyclable materials. The whole product range is made from high-quality ocean waste plastic or carbon-neutral plant-based plastic, and all paper and cards are FSC-certified.