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Organic Health, or more familiarly Organic Food Wholesale, saw the light of day in 2008. Since then, the family business has grown in size over the years, but the people-friendly uncomplicated way of operating has remained on the way. Find out more!
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Organic Health is all about delicious organic products

We want to offer quality organic products, not forgetting delicacies for everyday life as well as for celebrations. The cheapest option does not always mean the best, as quality and good taste are paramount to us. Our employees are encouraged to taste the products while they are packing. This is how we ensure that the customer always gets the best possible quality,” says Sisli Piisilä, who works hard in marketing.

Organic Health organic food wholesaler, Luomuruokatukku in Finnish, employs 15 people who work with organic and local food. In August 2019, Tukku moved to a new address in Sääksjärvi, a stone's throw from the Tampere-Helsinki motorway. The new storage facilities will be ecologically warmed by geothermal heat, and a lot of wood has been used in the structures. Here, their products embark on a journey all over Finland. The Ruohonjuuri stores in Helsinki metropolitan area receive their products via natural gas-powered transport in order to minimize the carbon footprint.

The journey of Organic Health began with importing Himalayan rose salt. Gradually, the product range expanded to organic sugars and other organic products.

Himalayan rose salt emphasizes the food's own flavors aromatically and does not contain microplastics. It is important to us that the production chain is also in order; that is, child labor is not used, workers' health care is included, and wages are sufficient for living. Rose salt comes to us directly from Pakistan in sea containers and we pack it in Finland,” Sisli Piisilä explains.

Responsible practices are a no-brainer for the organic food wholesaler company. Like Ruohonjuuri, Organic Health is a proud member of #ykkösketju – “number one / top chain” – which they encourage other companies to join as well.

In addition to the basics (such as reusing cardboard boxes, minimizing waste, wellbeing at work, and material recycling), part of our corporate responsibility is to choose our partners carefully. We are happy to be an importer of English Tea Shop's organic products, because when we work with them, we can trust that tea growers will also have a living wage. Organic teas made from the crops of our own small farmers and packaged in their own production plant tell of a genuine love and conviction to work for the benefit of the community, Sisli proudly says.

Organic Health also distributes a large number of products from small Finnish producers

We have always had a desire to cooperate and support small businesses whenever possible. In a country with long distances, it also makes sense to work together. Instead of every small producer packing and transporting their own products, we offer them an easy and affordable distribution channel. This saves everyone time, money and resources, which makes it possible to focus on product development, for example. Some of our partners have outsourced their entire inventory to us. With regard to small domestic producers, we have also included non-organic products in our selections. For example, we want to actively promote the availability of Finnish and Finnish-processed plant proteins,” Sisli states.

In total, the organic food wholesaler's selections include a whopping 800 individual products. Himalayan rose salt and organic muscovado sugar have long been the most popular products, but now the English Tea Shop's organic teas have taken the lead.

People are very interested in responsibility with regard to products, and the independent English Tea Shop deserves to be a leader in that front – after all, it is the only organic tea house that owns the entire tea production process from cultivation to harvesting, processing, production, packaging and distribution.

Organic Health’s staff favorite is the soft and sweet Deglet Nour organic date.

There’s a reason why they call the Deglet Nour variety the queen of all dates. It is lighter in color than other dates and has a heady honey taste. If you don’t suffer from high blood pressure, we recommend dipping dates in licorice or salty licorice powder. The desert table – let’s say for Easter – is best served with dates, with a walnut or almond inside, and the whole splendor is iced with dark organic chocolate. If you want to decorate, you can also melt light stripes from iChoc White Vanilla chocolate, Sisli suggests.