Planet Pure - Eco-detergents for a better world

The mission of Planet Pure, a pioneer in eco-detergents, is to do all it can to make the world a better place - for people and nature. Dive in and get inspired!
Planet Pure - Eco-detergents for a better world

Planet Pure makes eco-detergents from certified organic ingredients, which are already used by quite a few of Ruohonjuuri's customers to wash their homes and laundry. Planet Pure's high-quality products are vegan, 100% plant-based, environmentally friendly, fairly produced, and gentle on the skin.

Founded by Austrian Silvio Perpmer in 1999, Planet Pure is a sustainable, organic and organic food company. Planet Pure launched the first fully plant-based detergents in 2008 and in 2011 Planet Pure became the first organic certified detergents worldwide. Since the beginning, the company's goal has been to develop products that breathe the power of nature and keep our skin and body healthy.

Planet Pure's first range consisted of ecological detergents, which later gave rise to the fully biodegradable, plant-based detergents that we proudly fill up on our shelves at Ruohonjuuri. From the very beginning, the whole production process has been based on the company's strong value base: the preservation of biodiversity. Planet Pure's production is clean and environmentally friendly from start to finish, and produces no waste.

Planet Pure's motto: Because people need people

In addition to protecting the environment, Planet Pure's strong values are human health and social responsibility. The company has strong roots in respect for humanity. Planet Pure treats every person fairly and they have proven this by employing minorities such as people with disabilities and immigrants. They also pay every employee a decent wage. The company generously supports a wide range of international social and environmental projects. As much of the work is done by hand as possible, with minimal use of automatic machinery.

Soap nuts - the simple hero of eco-detergents!

Soap nuts are the fruit of the Sapindus Mukorossi tree, which grows in tropical regions around the world. Despite their name, they are not really nuts but stone fruits, which are also good for people with nut allergies.

They cannot be used as food, but their shells contain 15% saponin, a natural cleansing compounds. They contain no fragrances or chemical residues and are therefore ideal for people with allergies. They have been used for thousands of years in natural medicine and as a detergent in India. One tree yields up to 200-300 kg per year for as long as 90 years.

Soap nuts are a primary product whose production does not require heavy, environmentally damaging infrastructure. Harvesting and processing nuts organically employs local people and supports an ancient tradition and culture where livelihoods are not made by cutting down forests, but by caring for them.

Planet Pure always pays the full price of each batch, including freight, in advance. The Fair trade system requires a 60% advance payment. However, the certification scheme is based on a small number of volume products, which do not currently include the fruit stones, i.e. they are not certified. However, the Federation of World Trade Organizations states that it's as fair as any Fair Trade product.

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Benefits in cleaning with stone fruits

The soap nuts contain 15% Saponins, a natural cleanser. Saponins act as an emulsifier in laundry, allowing water and grease to mix. Often, the dirt stain is covered by a layer of oil, which Saponin is able to remove. The dirt is released into the wash water and rinsed away. The Saponins in washing nuts dissolves at 30°C and the nuts can be used at any temperature upwards. Saponins is therefore not a soap, so you can safely wash fine textiles and nappies with it. Saponins keeps the colours of textiles bright and softens laundry, so there is no need to use a fabric softener.

Tips on using soap nuts

The cleaning Saponins starts to dissolve from the shells of the washing nuts at temperatures above 30°C, so they do not dissolve detergent during the rinse cycle of the washing machine. They are effective for washing normal-looking laundry, but they do not bleach or remove difficult stains. Treat stains with a stain remover before washing. They are therefore suitable for laundry, whitewash and hand wash from 30 degrees up to 95 degrees. They are so gentle that you can use them without worry on even the most delicate textiles. The dosage is adjusted according to the weight of the laundry and the degree of dirt.

For a 3-5 kg machine 4-6 nuts are sufficient, for a dirty laundry or a 7 kg machine 6-8 nuts are needed. Put the washing nuts in a bag, place the sealed bag on top of the laundry and start the machine. The nuts can be used a second time if the laundry has been washed at less than 60 degrees. In the end of wash cycle, you can throw them in the bio compost.