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The Triple Zinc by Puhdistamo has just been added to the Ruohonjuuri online store product range. It is an excellent combination of the three best forms of zinc to boost your wellbeing: zinc picolinate, zinc bisglycinate, and zinc monomethionine. How did the highly awaited Triple Zinc come about? Read from the blog!
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The Triple Zinc by Puhdistamo has just been added to the Ruohonjuuri online store product range. It is an excellent combination of the three best forms of zinc to boost your wellbeing: zinc picolinate, zinc bisglycinate, and zinc monomethionine.

How did the highly awaited Triple Zinc come about?

The creators are here to tell the story!

“The development of Triple Zinc began when we first searched for the three absolute best forms of zinc and the best sources for them without cutting costs. Based on both experience and research, we went through the most interesting alternatives, and then checked which were also allowed in Finland. The development team also added many ingredients to the final product, that are very likely to support the absorption and effectiveness of zinc,” says Olli Posti who was also part of the development, in addition to the expert team from Puhdistamo.

As a result of long development work, Triple Zinc was introduced into the world – a product where the best forms of zinc are available to promote health without unnecessary fillers or anything extra.  

“Zinc is the cornerstone of health optimization for many. Puhdistamo’s Triple Zinc is the ‘perfect zinc’ – everything is just the way it should be,” Posti says with satisfaction.

“This may well be the best zinc product in the world at the moment. I can’t find a better one, and I’ve been through tens of thousands of products in at least hundreds of the world’s most interesting online stores in the past twelve years,” he adds.

The benefits of zinc in support of health

IMMUNITY. The most important benefit of zinc is boosting resistance – and a brisk dose of zinc is often recommended throughout the day to cure the flu.

BRAIN FUNCTION. Zinc supports cognitive abilities (learning ability, concentration, stress tolerance), and therefore zinc levels should be maintained throughout the year.

HAIR, SKIN, NAILS. Thanks to women’s magazines, the benefits of zinc in support of beauty have become widespread – with good reason.

HORMONAL ACTIVITY. Zinc is good for hormonal balance – in both men and women.

Trace element therapist Kirsi Sarimaa describes zinc as follows:

“Zinc is needed for almost everything. Zinc helps most of the rapidly regenerating cells to regenerate. That is, if a person wants their body to be able to regenerate and repair anything, zinc is needed. Skin, hair, nails, mucous membranes, the internal organs... keeping in mind that copper is the companion to zinc. Copper holds things together, whereas zinc helps in regeneration.”

Zinc also helps the production of the body's own antioxidants together with copper and manganese, amongst others. At least two hundred body enzyme reactions require zinc to function, and digestive function also partly depends on zinc. Even melatonin production needs zinc, so zinc deficiency can also affect sleep. The human body has a particularly high content of zinc in the red and white blood cells, eyes, skin, liver, kidneys, pancreas, bones, and in men in the prostate and semen. Even during pregnancy, zinc is important, because the developing placenta and fetus need it for their growth.


Zinc deficiency can cause inhibited sexual desire, impaired taste and smell, fatigue, depression, thinning hair, slowed wound healing, illness, and poorer recovery from vigorous physical exertion. White spots on the nails may also indicate a zinc deficiency – as well as thin or bumpy nails or nail pitting. (Again, these can also be due to other reasons, such as unhealthy intestinal mucosa)

The need for zinc is increased by vegetarianism, sports and hard training and stress.

“Zinc supplements are more likely useful if you train hard, sweat a lot, ejaculate often or live in a stressful environment – as well as in life crisis situations, as a vegetarian, during pregnancy and breastfeeding,” Posti says.


Not everyone needs a zinc supplement. Zinc is also obtained from a wide variety of foods. Highlander cattle livers, oysters, and clean-water wild crabs, are commonly considered to be good sources of zinc, from which zinc is also excellently absorbed. Zinc is also obtained from many seeds, nuts, beans, and lentils, and pumpkin seeds, for example, can be a very good source of zinc – zinc absorption from these sources may not be effective. For zinc in particular, absorption is one of the biggest challenges, also for supplements. In some cases, a zinc supplement does not raise your body’s zinc levels at all – which is why it’s important to choose a quality zinc product.

“There are differences between zinc products – even more than in the absorption of zinc between different foods. Fortunately, in the past ten years, the quality of food supplements has been improving all the time, especially in top stores such as Ruohonjuuri <3,” Posti says.

“Above all, I always recommend investing in a high-quality and varied delicious diet – because we don't even know what all the trace elements are useful for, and we haven’t even found out about all the relevant micronutrients that real food offers at its best and even the best pill doesn’t. Personally, I still use a few minerals and trace elements as a separate supplement, because they are so important in the body, and my fast-paced lifestyle consumes them more than the average,” Posti adds.

Puhdistamo Triple Zinc

Puhdistamo Triple Zinc uses chelate forms, the absorption of which is particularly good even under more difficult conditions. So with Triple Zinc, you don’t have to be so careful about whether to take it with or separately from this and that, because it gets absorbed and works either way. Even phytate-rich, non-soaked grains food and meals can be enjoyed with Triple Zinc quite safely. In addition, Triple Zinc has added e.g. amino acids known to improve the absorption of zinc, for example in connection with a meal containing meat. Triple Zinc can be said to be particularly suitable for vegans and vegetarians: this product offers, as it were, the benefits of meat in terms of zinc absorption, but without the meat – or anything else of animal origin.

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