Pukka Herbs – Boldly towards a better future!

The Pukka products sold in Ruohonjuuri online store are products that can really be enjoyed with pride and good conscience. Naturally, Pukka Herbs' own team is also completely in love with their products!
Pukka Herbs – Boldly towards a better future!

Such a bold and visionary statement starts the responsibility report by Pukka, and it ends with a thank you. A thank you to all those who work together for a more sustainable future while enjoying the power of herbs. You can read the full responsibility report here.

The Pukka products sold in Ruohonjuuri online store are products that can really be enjoyed with pride and good conscience. Naturally, Pukka Herbs' own team is also completely in love with their products!

Three Mint Tea

Pip Doyle, Pukka's packaging technician, reveals her favorite, the Three Mint Tea, that’s fresh and wildly invigorating, and is on sale in Ruohonjuuri during the month of August. Swearing by the name of this stomach-friendly mint tea, Pip makes sure that Pukka’s packaging meets the quality and safety standards that the company has set for them. Pukka also carries out continuous development work on the packaging, the latest improvement being the recyclability of the tea bag wrapper. So keep your eye out for the wrapper – soon all Pukka’s tea variants will have the “recycle me” logo!

Doyle's favorite drink, Pukka's Three Mint Tea, is a superior blend of peppermint, green mint and wild mint. Wild mint is cultivated a seven-hour drive away from Delhi in Uttar Pradesh, a place famous for its mint cultivation. Peppermint is a cross between water mint and green mint, grown in Egypt. Green mint, like other mints, grows best in wetlands. 

Did you know, by the way, that according to mythology, Minthe was a Woman of Nature, punished by turning her into a plant that people trampled on? Eventually, according to legend, the punishment was eased and the plant was given a sweet scent released when the leaf was touched, bringing joy to the people!

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Womankind and shavatari

Last year, the entire profit from Pukka’s Black Friday-Cyber Monday sales was donated to the TreeSisters Association. Thanks to the donation, the association was able to plant more than 30,000 new seedlings and contribute to the wellbeing, employment and empowerment of women. 

A total of 69% of Pukka's employees are women. One of Pukka's goals is to continue and achieve gender equality as part of its revitalizing agriculture program.

Balance is a gift to the mind and body, and it is also brought to life by Pukka's super-popular Womankind herb blend. Womankind is a gentle soft blend of shatavari, chamomile, licorice, hibiscus, marigold and beetroot, all of which works together to help a woman’s wellbeing burst into full bloom.

Shatavari is an adaptogenic plant that thrives in a variety of growth environments, being able to adapt to any situation.

In Ayurveda, the shatavari plant is known as “she who had hundreds of husbands,” which refers to the plant’s ability to boost fertility while also helping endurance and nervous wellbeing.

Shatavari supports feminine wellbeing, e.g., during menstruation and menopause.

The Womankind herb blend and the Shatavari food supplement complement each other.

Turmeric gold

Turmeric doesn’t need an introduction; it’s the super root that relieves pain and inflammation and has become familiar to most of Ruohonjuuris customers in recent years. Now is a great opportunity to build up turmeric stocks for any upcoming limitations with Turmeric Gold herb blend and Turmeric Active capsules! 

During 2018, Pukka toured 81 days, meeting 17 different producers in 10 countries, and hundreds of farmers. During these trips, the quality of raw materials is ensured, product development is enabled, and long-term partnerships are explored and created. 

Pukka also encourages farmers to use organic and traditional farming methods. 

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