Scandi-beauty is now trending!

Korean cosmetics (K-Beauty) have been hugely popular in beauty with their efficiency and innovation. Now all the eyes are on Scandinavian skincare: Scandi-Beauty is rising!
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A little too little is much more than a little too much. S-beauty or Scandi-beauty is trending around the world.

At the heart of the fresh and novel cosmetics trend are minimalist packaging, simple raw materials and ecologically sustainable products. The “craze” of Nordic skin care naturally originated here in Scandinavia, where simplicity and clarity are appreciated. Products that are minimalist even in terms of ingredients avoid over-packaging, are locally produced, and contain natural ingredients that join with inventive compositions and a lifestyle that values ecological sustainability and simplicity.

Alongside the diverse products and multi-stage skin care routines of Korean skincare (K-Beauty), the most striking thing about Nordic skincare is a much simpler view of skincare, beauty and lifestyle: less can be more. 

The Nordic countries have long been famous in the world for their pure nature, high-quality air,and a lifestyle regarded as healthy. People living in Scandinavia are also often perceived as the happiest and more in tune with nature. The Nordic countries are also known for their clear, minimalist design: the term “Scandinavian Design” is a concept where practicality and simplicity shake hands.

People living in the Nordic countries are also attracted to the Scandi-Beauty trend for climate reasons: supporting locally produced products that use local raw materials often means a smaller carbon footprint. 

It's quite easy to look for Finnish natural cosmetics gems from Ruohonjuuri's selection: there are more Finnish natural cosmetics brands available than fish in the sea!

Finnish Scandi-Beauty products

At the end of last year, Flow Cosmetics, known as the pioneer of Scandi-Beauty, renewed its Flow Cosmetics brand to be even bolder. Over the years, the series has become famous especially thanks to its practical and simple shampoo bars. Ruohonjuuri's skin therapist and makeup artist Laura is particularly excited about the range of new body lotion soaps with aromatherapeutic properties that are massaged directly onto dry skin. 

“These wonderful soaps travel easily with you because they contain no water,” Laura enthuses.

Of the natural cosmetics made in Finland our customers are also much delighted by the Luonkos series oil cleansing soaps. Ecologically packaged, oil cleansing soaps made from simple ingredients remove impurities and makeup gently – lightly but effectively. The Luonkos series has won several awards – also for its packaging innovation (its packaging is made of Kotkamills' new, plastic-free and biodegradable cardboard material). So in the best-case scenario, both the skin and the environment thank the products associated with the S-Beauty trend!  


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Get to know the terms!

K-Beauty is an abbreviation of the term “Korean Beauty”, which means Korean skin care and Korean cosmetics.

S-Beauty is an abbreviation of the term “Scandinavian Beauty”, which refers to Nordic skin care and Nordic cosmetics.