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Taiga Cosmetics natural cosmetics series come from a love for Lapland. When the series was created, the idea was to offer a piece of Lapland naturally on the skin, like a new wind from the north. Get acquainted with our wonderful novelties in this story.
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Taiga Cosmetics differs in its versatility and fresh unisex fragrances. The concentrations of active ingredients in the products are remarkably high, which means that the products flow with power. A special mention for its unique properties deserves Chaga Night Cream, where the north really does its magic.

Lapland's natural super active ingredients are used ingredients for all the Taiga products. Taiga Cosmetics is a high-quality natural cosmetics series, which is divided into three different skincare series: Sensitive skin, Normal skin, and Aging skin.

- We use many active ingredients: Lapland's conifer and berry seed oils in our products. Lapland berries have the most antioxidants due to the long, bright summer. Tree extracts, in turn, contain skin rejuvenating lignans. In our products we use e.g. lingonberries, blueberries, and sea buckthorn seed oils as well as valuable extracts of pine and birch, says Susanna and Harri Vaismaa from the Fresco company, which manufactures the series.

- We wanted to bring the unique properties of northern nature to everyone's skin and therefore we created a unisex natural cosmetics series where we use Lapland's natural active ingredients. From there, the name got its roots: Taiga means the northern coniferous forest zone.

Natural cosmetics for a better world

Conservation of biodiversity and natural skincare are important issues for manufacturers of the Taiga Cosmetics series. The COSMOS Natural Certificate in the Taiga series guarantees that the products meet the strict criteria for natural cosmetics set by the certification body in terms of raw materials, production, packaging, ethics, recyclability, and environmental friendliness.

From the beginning, Taiga Cosmetics products were developed as a whole with regard to different skin types and the result was 18 different facial care products. Therefore, the product development process was long. There was a wide range of beauty care professionals involved in product development, from product development consultants and chemists, cosmetologists and toxicologists. In addition to effective natural cosmetics, the goal was to create modern products. An example of this is our slightly exfoliating night cream Taiga PHA Night Cream, which contains PHA acid.

Each Taiga Cosmetics skincare line contains six facial skincare products.

The most popular product in the series is the Anti-Age series 24 H Cream, which combines both night and day cream. The cream keeps the skin supple and vibrant. All Taiga's 24H creams are packed in lovely airtight pump jars, the creams have been very popular.

Measured in popularity, it ranks second in the Anti-Age series Vitamin C Serum, which has received a number of five-star reviews among its users.

The entrepreneurial couple behind Taiga, Susanna and Harri Vaismaa, of course also use the series.

- For me, the question of the series' favorite product was difficult, I have used Taiga's different product series throughout the product development. I like so many of them! When I now have to choose, I say a combination of 24 H Cream Sensitive and Vitamin C Serum Anti-Age. The serum is rapidly absorbed and its nourishing effects are visible after a few uses. The 24 H cream ends the treatment and leaves the skin wonderfully soft and supple, says Susanna.

Harris' favorite, on the other hand, has become Chaga Night Cream Sensitive, which is said to be the only natural cosmetic face cream that contains Chaga.

- Chaga is an old acquaintance of mine who is ingested internally, now this superfood is available for the skin. The cream also contains spruce shoot extract, which has a soothing and nourishing effect on the skin. After shaving, these are important things. The product is suitable for couperosa on my skin and for smoothing out pigment problems, praises Harri.

Taiga Cosmetics | Ruohonjuuri.com

Best friend for sensitive skin

For those with sensitive skin, the Taiga series Sensitive series is an excellent choice, which is fragrance-free (except for Chaga Night Cream, which has a mild licorice scent of essential oils). The products in the Sensitive series are also suitable for psoriasis, atopic, couperosa and rosacea skin. Many users of the products have received help with their skin challenges.

Good choice for aging skin

For aging skin, we have a super-nutritious and moisturizing Taiga Anti-Age series.

The Anti-Age series is recommended for +45-year-olds. However, it is worth combining products from different skincare series according to the skin's requirements and your own preferences. The products in the Anti-Age series can also be used on younger skin if the skin requires more moisturizing or nutrients.

According to its name, the All Skin Type series is suitable for everyone, for example for summer use, when the skin does not require such a rich face cream, but cream with a lighter composition is enough.

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