The 40th birthday of Ruohonjuuri

In 2022, Ruohonjuuri will celebrate its 40th birthday. Although the exact birthday is not until 14.10.2022, we will be celebrating throughout the year. But why on earth was Ruohonjuuri founded in the first place?
Ruohonjuuri 40 years old company in 2022 |

When Ruohonjuuri was founded in 1982, the company's guiding principle was declared to be: "Ruohonjuuri is based on the principles of sustainable development, according to which we have no right to deny future generations the opportunity to do the things we have the right and opportunity to do today". Forty years later, with climate change and the loss of nature advancing at a remarkable pace, that founding idea is more relevant than ever.

Indeed, the mission of Ruohonjuuri is to change the world for the better, together with our customers and other partners.

We are a force for change

It's clear that the way things are today is not going to get us very far, we need to change the world - and changing the world starts with changing ourselves. When you're doing well, you have the energy to cheer others on as they strive to do better.

The world is not just about you and me, it's about us; plus the river mussel, the bald eagle and all the living creatures. We humans are carbon atoms in the cycle of life. We are part of nature and dependent on the rest of nature and on each other. Climate emergency and loss of nature are a reality and it's indeed time to roll up our sleeves and get to work!

Although our individual contribution to the world is limited, each of us can make a difference. In fact: even our every word and our every action nudges the world in a tiny little way. We each have both power and responsibility. And there is indeed power in numbers - together we are more. In fact: together we are all of us.

At Ruohonjuuri, we are building a better world, driven by our products that support well-being. With compassion, kindness and mercy, we've come further than gritting our teeth. Although our ambition is great, small steps in the right direction are cause for a celebration. On the journey of world migration, it's joy, passion, light and vitality that are worth cherishing.

We invite not only our customers, but also our partners and other companies to join us in the transformation. We are on the side of the small and help the big to do better. That's why we are also involved in the Planet Company community, where companies share their good deeds and encourage others to take concrete action. From small streams grow big rivers!

Nothing truly remarkable is ever achieved easily. It's clear that in changing the world for the better, the road sometimes bumps and twists along the way - but the direction is clear: keep moving forward!