Welcome to the world of fragrances!

Fragrances create atmosphere and good energy. They help you relax from the stress of everyday life and get into the festive mood for spring and summer. Fragrances are also a great gift because they tell beautiful things about the person wearing them. Whatever your taste, we are sure everyone will find their own favorite among our diverse range of natural fragrances. In this post you can discover our favorite scents.
Jimmy Boyd

Jimmy Boyd's fragrance range

Jimmy Boyd's aromatherapeutic fragrances are recommended to be chosen according to your mood. The fragrance range includes five different scents: subtle Wild Roses, fresh Orange Blossom, energetic Lemon & Rose, vibrant Verbena and inspiring Spring Rain

All fragrances in the range are scented waters or oils, which are lighter alternatives to perfume. The fragrance oil can also be mixed with body lotion and you can enjoy not only the pleasant scent but also the moisturizing effect of the oil.


Jimmy Boyd Wild Roses Ruohobjuuren verkkokauppa

Flow Cosmetics Perfume oils

Finnish Flow Cosmetics perfume oils are made from 100% natural essential oils. The fragrances are packaged in a roll-on bottle, from which the scent can be rolled onto the body's pulse points to enjoy its aromatherapeutic effect. 

One with Universe represents the Crown Chakra, Spirit Awakens Third Eye Chakra, Touch of Love Heart Chakra, Flowing Emotions Sacral Chakra, Good Vibrations Solar Plexus Chakra, Solid Roots Root Chakra and True Expression Throat Chakra. 

We also recommend checking out Flow Cosmetics aromatherapy salt soaps


Flow Cosmetics parfyymiöljy Ruohonjuuren verkkokauppa

Khadi body oils

Khadi body oils, manufactured according to Ayurvedic tradition, nourish the body while essential oils caress the mind. The range includes three different skin oils:

Shatavari Everyoung Body Oil is rejuvenating and revitalizing, Shatavari stimulates the circulation on the surface.

Pink Lotus Beauty contains skin-balancing lotus flower and soothing neem.

Rose Love with turmeric and sandalwood to brighten and clarify the skin.


Khadi ihoöljy Ruohonjuuren verkkokauppa

Les Fleurs De Bach fragrances

Les Fleurs de Bach fragrances include perfumes (Eau de Parfum) and slightly lighter Eau de Toilette fragrances. The difference is that the perfumes contain a higher concentration of fragrance oil and therefore stay on the skin longer than the Eau de Toilette fragrances. The range includes four perfumes and four milder Eau de Toilette fragrances.

The fragrances are the sensual Volupté, the floral Présence, the fresh and playful Délice and the unisex pH-sensitive Vivacité. The Eau de Toilette fragrances include the sweet and delicious Audace, the nuanced and feminine Harmonie, the warm and spicy Félicité and the sporty and energetic Allégresse.


Les Fleurs de Bach Ruohonjuuren verkkokauppa

Unique Beauty Eau de Perfume

Unique Beauty is known for their certified hair care products, but their range also includes certified organic and unique fragrances. There are a total of six of these captivating fragrances, with natural ingredients such as flowers, trees, roots and seeds.

Darling is luxurious with vanilla, Ingrid is rosy and soft, Fionia fresh and floral, Summer fruity and summery, Hygge cozy and sweet and Fusion is modern and confident.


Unique perfume Ruohonjuuren verkkokauppa

Aromastick scent sticks

For example, fragrances can help you concentrate, give you energy or calm the storms of the mind. Aromastick scent sticks are conveniently sized and easy to carry with you. They are available in four different varieties:

Balance - balancing emotional turmoil

Focus - helps you to concentrate

Energy - refreshes and increases performance

Relax - helps you relax

The scent stick has a handy size and can be used anywhere, as the scent won't flow out of the stick and disturb other people who may be sensitive to the scent.


Aromastick - tuoksupuikko Focus Ruohonjuuren verkkokauppa

Scents to suit every taste

The fragrance does not necessarily have to be specifically designed as a perfume to be worn on the body's skin. A light and temporary scent can also be created with a deliciously scented toner, which can be sprayed on the skin to freshen and brighten up even in the middle of a busy working day. Alteya's rose water is a great alternative for someone who likes fragrances but can't or doesn't want to use perfumes or essential oils.


Alteya ruusukasvovesi Ruohonjuuren verkkokauppa

Welcome to discover our wonderful world of fragrances!