Yora - High-quality insect-based Dog Food

Why give your dog insect-based food? Read this story and find out from a nutritional, ecological, and ethical point of view.
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British YORA has developed dog food that offers animal proteins without burdening the environment with traditional livestock farms. YORA is a completely innovative, alternative dog food and a result of long research, testing and development.

Among people, a vegetarian diet has become increasingly popular. In recent years, attention has also begun to be paid to pet food and its ethical and environmental impact. The fact is, however, that dogs' digestion requires high-energy animal protein. Yora's dry food contains 40% larvae of black soldier fly which consists of an incredible 45% protein, 44% fat and is rich in calcium and all the amino acids and minerals that dogs need.

It's more organic, faster and cleaner to grow larvae compared to livestock. The larval nervous system is also much simpler, which makes it a more ethical choice. In addition, no antibiotics, plant hormones or other drugs are used to grow larvae. Yora dog food contains larvae that grow quickly and naturally without the need for drugs.

Yora dog food contains omega3 from seaweed - not fish oil. The algae naturally produce the omega3 fatty acids that the fish oil contains - the fish get the fatty acids by eating algae. Omega3 supports the development of the brain, contributes to the well-being of the skin and makes the fur beautiful and shiny.

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Yora is not just about insects. Other ingredients are also nutritious and do not require much energy and water to grow. These ingredients include oats, which are nutritious carbohydrates with a low GI value. Potatoes, on the other hand, are one of the most environmentally friendly nutrients. It contains lots of phytonutrients, fiber and vitamin C. Parsley contributes to digestion, kidney health and also counteracts inflammation. Beetroot is full of vitamin C and potassium to support the functions of the heart, nervous system and muscles as well as essential iron.

Yora dog food is a hypoallergenic alternative for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies.

Three pillars of Yora:

  • The well-being of the dogs
  • Animal well-being
  • Sustainability and ecological values

Does insect-based food suit all dogs?

Dogs' allergies have become more common and no ingredient is 100% suitable for all dogs. However, insect protein has been shown to be easier to digest than, for example, chicken. In addition, insect protein is often cleaner and less processed than meat. Thus, the insect food often also suits dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies.

How and where is insect-based dog food made?

YORA uses larvae grown in the Netherlands on the farm Protix, which is one of the leading insect farms in the world. Protix has an energy-efficient production and their ambition is to offer larvae of the best possible quality. Their specialists have been analyzing the nutritional content of Hermetia illucens larvae for several years and have come to the conclusion that they have incredible health benefits for many animals.

Is insect-based dog food a nutritionally balanced diet or do you need other food on the side?

YORA has been developed as a full diet and in addition to regular dry food, the range also includes tailor-made products for puppies and older dogs as well as small and larger breeds. Depending on the dog's lifestyle, hobbies and needs, you can mix YORA dry food with meat or fat, especially if the dog needs a lot of energy.

Yora has received much praise

Yora has received very positive feedback and people are happy about a more ecological alternative. Although insect protein will surely share opinions for a long time to come, there are pioneers and consumers who want to influence the well-being of the planet with their choices. Thanks to Yora, the dogs can also take part in the fight for the survival of the environment. In addition, owners of dogs with sensitive stomachs have praised Yora.

The benefits of Yora:

  • Environmentally friendly (ecological and ethical)
  • Good for the stomach & hypoallergenic
  • Reduces eczema
  • Mild scent

Focus on sustainable development

Yora takes sustainable development into account:

  • Sustainable food, raw materials and manufacturing
  • Some of the packaging is compostable and the rest can be recycled as plastic
  • Environmentally friendly transport
  • Yora is named after a tribe in the Amazon rainforest which is often in danger due to meat production and damage it causes. Yora donates money every year to protect the Amazon rainforest.
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The environmental impact of food per 10 kilos of protein:

Land use

- beef cattle 2100 m2
- poultry 300 m2
- larvae 45 m2

Greenhouse emissions

- beef cattle 1500 kg
- poultry 600 kg
- larvae 60 kg

Water consumption

- beef livestock 1 120 000 liters
- poultry 340,000 liters
- larvae 54,000 liters

A few words from the ethical point of view

Yora uses larvae that are grown in clean, controlled and good conditions in the Netherlands, on Protix farm. It is considered more ethical to grow insects than traditional production animals because several insect species occur in large and dense flocks also in nature. According to the modern view, food, water and the opportunity to reproduce are sufficient to meet their typical behavioral needs (van Huis et al. 2013). Larvae are extremely hot and their body temperature is lowered so that their turnover is slower and the larvae go into action. Then the larva's simple nervous system does not feel any of the continued actions.

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Yucca extract

Yora's dry food for puppies and small breeds contains Yucca schidigera plant which contains countless biologically active substances, such as steroidal saponins and polyphenols. Indigenous people have used the Yucca plant and other herbal medicines to relieve various ailments and maintain the well-being of the body. Yucca schidigera is an ingredient found in 20% of the animals' dry food on the market. In Yora it's available as an extract shredded, dried and ground.