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Fragrance-Free Products Are Easy on Delicate Noses!

Anyone who is allergic or suffers due to strong fragrances will love fragrance-free products that contain no raw materials defined by law as fragrances. Fragrance-free products usually have a mildly pleasant aroma derived from the product’s natural ingredients.

Ruohonjuuri's selection includes many fragrance-free products, such as natural cosmetics and detergents for household care.

Laponie of Scandinavia
All-around balm, 15 ml
13,95 € Regular price 19,90 € Sale price
Laponie of Scandinavia
Hand Cream Concentrate, 40 ml
10,70 € Regular price 15,25 € Sale price
Flow Cosmetics
Rhassoul & Salt Hair & Body Soap Bar, 120 g
11,90 € Regular price 15,95 € Sale price
Body Cream, Baby Derma, for Sensitive Skin, 200 ml
7,49 € Regular price 24,95 € Sale price