FSC-certified products

FSC-certified products

FSC-certified products

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) was established in 1994 to promote sustainable forest management. FSC’s mission is to promote the environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forests.  FSC’s mission is to recognize the true value of forests and to integrate them into society worldwide. There are three types of FSC labels. 

FSC 100% label

All materials used in products bearing this label are sourced from forests that have been audited by an independent third party to confirm they are managed according to FSC’s rigorous social and environmental standards. FSC 100% contributes most directly to FSC’s objective: forests for all, forever!


Products that bear this label have been verified as being made from 100% recycled content.  Use of FSC Recycled products can help to reduce demand for sources of virgin material, thereby helping to protect the world’s forests.

FSC MIX label

Products that bear this label are made using a mixture of materials from FSC-certified forests, and/or recycled materials, and/or FSC-controlled wood. While controlled wood is not from FSC-certified forests, it mitigates the risk of the material originating from unacceptable sources.

Source: FSC

Rimita Green
Hand and Body Soap, Basil, 250 ml
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