Walnuts, 100 g

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Walnuts, 100 g

The healthiest nut to save your day!


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The healthiest nut to save your day!

The Moldovan walnuts in the Aduki series are certified organic. The walnut trees are specific to the growing conditions, the local climate, and you can wait as long as 10 years for the harvest. Did you know that grazing sheep and a walnut tree go well together? After all, fertilizing and repelling pests comes naturally to sheep!
Walnuts are high in antioxidants and a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and are also high in fiber.
Because of their nutrients, walnuts tickle the taste buds and are good for the mind and body. They are protein-rich and high-fiber crunchables. The delicious, crunchy walnuts contain highly polyunsaturated fatty acids, including potassium, magnesium, and iron. It also contains calcium and zinc!
Tip: Throw a handful of walnuts in blue cheese, pear, and arugula salad, or mix them with a carrot cake or bread batter. Did you know that all the nuts and almonds from the Aduki series arrive in Finland (and are stored) in vacuum packaging? With Aduk, the nuts are packed in bags in small batches, so they remain in their sales packaging for as little time as possible. At the Ruohonjuuri, the life cycle of nuts is fast, and new nuts come to our stores several times a week. Store the nuts and almonds in the refrigerator, especially after opening the bags.
Organic walnuts
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