Almond flour, 350 g

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Amazingly tasty almond flour is a smart choice for a baker.


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Amazingly tasty almond flour is a smart choice for a baker.

Softly tasty, multi-purpose almond flour is the best friend of a gluten-free raw baker. It is a mild-tasting, delicious almond-ground flour that is versatile for baking and cooking. In baking, almond flour can replace about 10% of the other flour used.
Because almond flour does not form a curd, they are not suitable as the only part of a yeast dough dough. If you are baking gluten-free bread, we recommend choosing either bread baked with baking soda or baking powder - or alternatively a recipe in which the dough is toughened, for example with the help of psyllium powder.


The naturally gluten-free and nutritious almond is not actually a nut - but rather a nut-like seed. From almond flour, you can deftly bake both raw and cooked low-carbohydrate and nutritious pastries and breads. Almond flour is also suitable for a gluten-free and raw diet.


Foodin – Better food for a better tomorrow! Foodin is a Finnish family company whose products are characterized by high quality, purity, authenticity, and ethical and sustainable production. All the products are also gluten-free. Try them – you’ll love them!

Ingredients: Almond* * = organic

Nutritional content 100 g: Energy: 2577kJ or 616 kcal Protein: 24 g Carbohydrates: 6 g Fat: 54 g Fiber: 7 g

  • Origin Italy
  • EAN: 6430055211689
  • SKU: FOODIN-6430051821394

"You can easily add delicious nutrition to your baking with this flour! One or two decilitres is enough to replace other flours : )"