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Make your hair shine using natural cosmetic shampoo! 

In the Ruohonjuuri range of natural cosmetic shampoos, you can find the shampoo that will change your whole hair care routine. Every shampoo that we have is friendly to the scalp, hair, and environment. We have different types of shampoos for every type of hair: shampoo bars or traditional shampoo. Even if you have some sort of scalp problem, we have the solution for it! If you have dry hair, we recommend a shampoo that moisturizes and nourishes it; for colored hair, a shampoo that enhances shine and colors; or for thin hair, a shampoo that gives volume to the hair. We also have shampoos for dandruff, shampoos for oily hair, and deep cleansing shampoos for the hair- without forgetting about Curly Girl-method hair products. 

Here are a few of the brands we have: 

Check out our selection and find your own favorite!