S'well, fighting against plastic waste on our planet! S'well was founded in 2010 with the goal of producing a sustainable, beautiful and ecological alternative to the plastic bottles polluting the seas and water systems of the Earth. Over the years, the business has been successful and other BPA-free, ecological containers have been created to match S'well’s bottles. S'well is known for its unique choice of material: stainless steel. The bottles’ triple-layered design, featuring one layer of copper, is not only durable and good-looking, but also keeps beverages hot or cold and does not ‘sweat’. This results in stylish and user-friendly products that do not release chemicals into their contents. And best of all, the company donates a portion of its proceeds to Unicef’s Madagascar water program. Madagascar is one of the countries in Africa where around 50% of the population still lacks access to clean water. These funds help guarantee many people better access to clean water, as well as the possibility to practice basic hygiene and teach it in schools. In addition to this work, S'well also donates to cancer research (BCRF) and ocean protection (Lonely Whale). Besides donating to various causes, S'well makes sure to manufacture its own products in a well-controlled and ethical environment.

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