Off to the cottage
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As the summer cottage season approaches, many people are wondering what to take along. We recommend that you first go to Happy Food Store, because we are sure to have anything you’ll need – organically!

Finnish Ole Hyvä series detergents, laundry detergents, shampoo and shower gels are a good choice at the cottage, because they are environmentally friendly! The genuine Marseille soap is also an excellent, multi-purpose choice for the cottage, and Sonett bile soap is a great stain remover.

As you will most likely spend some time in the sun at the cottage, you should have a variety of sun lotions, such as the popular Alga Maris sun lotion, which comes in a comprehensive range of products for both children and adults. Natural cosmetic sun lotion is a smart choice for you and the environment!

We also sell organic tick repellents and ointments for bug bites, such as Frantsila 11-herb ointment, and many other items to take to the cottage from a shop or online store.

Melt-in Sunscreen SPF30, 100 ml
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Am eco cosmetics
Hemp shampoo, 250 ml
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