Valo24h ground flaxseed is a Finnish superfood! The ingredients used in the Valo24h family of products are grown in pure Finnish nature. The growth season is short, but the bright nightless nights allow flax and berries to grow nutritionally richer than anywhere else. The unique growth conditions, innovative product development and technology as well as independent contract farming guarantee the Valo24h product family its excellent nutritional and qualitative properties. Thanks to the growth season with the nightless nights, Finnish flax has 10-15% more omega-3. This also gives the family of products its name: Valo24h, Valo meaning light. Valo24h ground flaxseed is easy to use. The products are a great addition to yoghurts, soured whole milk, porridge and different salads. Just a tablespoon is enough to satisfy your daily omega-3 needs. In addition, you get plenty of fiber, antioxidants and flax’s excellent plant protein. Chow down and fall in love!

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