Love for customers and passion for the best eco-friendly products

Love and passion are great words to describe how we view serving our customers and our products that promote a good life. We strive every day with a big heart for the benefit of our customers. It´s also an honor for us to have only good products on our shelves.

Every Ruohonjuuri product is a better choice for people and the environment. We know the backgrounds of our products and know how to help our customers by actively serving them.

Ruohonjuuri customer service |

Our way of working and our service promise

Our way of working is crystallized by the promise of service: With a smile and twinkle in the corner of the eye, actively serving and offering wow experiences.

1. With a smile and a twinkle in the corner of the eye

With a smile and a twinkle in the corner of the eye is our deep way of meeting people, it’s positivity and a desire to help. We are happily smiling both with the customers and with each other. So we are not super serious, we can flirt and go crazy. We bring joy to our customers and each other.

2. Actively serving

We are close to the customer, we are present, we are interested and we know how to ask. When the cashier needs help, we hurry to the cashier immediately. We actively contact, of course, respecting the customer's limits and the need for service. Ruohonjuuri's staff actively detects customers' possible need for help and is able to identify customers who need help.

3. Providing wow experiences

We want to offer the customer WOW experiences and experiences worthy of a story. A satisfied customer is not satisfied with a “standard”. In addition to a great store, you need experience in service charm. At Ruohonjuuri “just nice” - customer service is not enough, but our goal is to exceed customer's expectations, meaningful, memorable customer service. Wow-experiences are made up of many small details, and understanding these means exceeding the customer's expectations! We charm with personality and flexibility. At its best, our customer service is that the customer remembered from the event that he has received more than expected - and what he is used to getting. The best customer feedback for us is the customer recommending Ruohonjuuri.

wow experiences at Ruohonjuuri

Purchases and mastery of selection

Ruohonjuuri is the store of a good life, all of whose products support well-being and strive for a better world.

Working hard and relentlessly following the world, we strive to have the most comprehensive and up-to-date selection of products that promote a good life at Ruohonjuuri, which contributes to making the world a better place.

Ruohonjuuri is a selective market leader in health and ecological stores that shows the direction for the entire industry. Our strengths include the fair game world, our partners and customers, and agility in selection management. We strive to have the best products first and to market these products at the forefront, creating trends and paving the way.

We are uncomplicated, immediate and agile. We believe that the world will become a better place product one by one and working together. It's important for us to know the backgrounds of our products and that is one of the reasons why we work closely with companies that manufacture and import our products. We do not cheapen our partners to death, but invest in far-reaching cooperation.

Our customers also benefit from confidential supplier relationships, e.g. in the form of better products and answers to both product wishes and tricky questions. A fair mind is our mind - a matter of honor and an everyday thing.

The Ruohonjuuri product range is based on our mission, which is to bring joy and vitality to our customers with the help of our products - and, on the other hand, our vision, which is to be a bold pioneer.


Responsibility (in the quality of products, in the origin as well as in our overall way of operating) is a matter of course for us. All our products must meet the minimum requirements and product group-specific selection criteria. We also require our suppliers to act ethically and actively work to correct any deficiencies we may notice. We also take a critical look at our own operations in an effort to further improve what we do, both in terms of responsibility and in other areas of the game.

Criteria for products

  • organic and certified products are preferred
  • small businesses are preferred
  • local rather than foreign, near rather than far produced
  • health products as untreated and unprocessed as possible 
  • additive-free, vegan, gluten-free and other value-added factors that are important to our customers are preferred
  • transparency of the production chain and product responsibility are taken into account
  • the first-class quality and taste of the products are important


  • only certified products from foreign series are included in the range
  • Finnish non-certified natural cosmetics products can also be included in the selections, if the products meet the criteria for organic and natural cosmetics.