The rules of the Ruohonjuuri loyalty program

Joining the Ruohonjuuri Oy customer loyalty program and setting up a customer account

Anyone at least 18 years of age with an e-mail address can join the Ruohonjuuri Customer Loyalty Program. Business customers cannot join as regular customers.

Here's how to join a customer loyalty program online:

Create a customer account in the Ruohonjuuri online store. Creating an account for the online store will automatically create an account to our loyalty program. You will see your customer account information and accumulated benefits on your own page.

Customer information for the customer loyalty program

Customer loyalty program membership requires that the customer provide at least their current e-mail address and first and last name. The e-mail address provided by the customer serves as the user ID of the loyal customer program when logging in to the customer account of the Ruohonjuuri online store. For e-commerce deliveries, the customer must provide an address and a mobile phone number for the shipping notification. If you sign up in one of the Ruohonjuuri stores, your zip code can also be stored for store-specific communication.

Customer information must be correct and up-to-date. If the information changes later, the address and telephone number information displayed in the customer's My Account page can be updated by logging in to the online store's own account. It is not possible to update the e-mail address associated with the customer account or the first and last name yourself, but they can be updated if necessary by contacting our customer service.

Membership in the loyalty program is personal and there are no parallel cards in the program. One person can have only one loyalty account. If more than one loyalty account has been created for the same person, the customer accounts cannot be merged. If a customer wants to terminate their additional loyalty account, they should contact our customer service. The benefits accumulated on the account can be transferred to the account remaining in use, but unfortunately, purchase information  cannot be transferred to another account.

The attached link contains the privacy policy for the processing of the personal data of loyal customers.

The benefits of the loyalty program

For every purchased euro, you get one cone, for example, for purchases that cost 12.55€, you get 12 cones. Cones accumulate when purchases are made in the Ruohonjuuri online store logged in to your own customer account or in Ruohonjuuri stores in Finland.

Cones can also be collected in other various ways:

  • creating an account online: 25 cones
  • following Ruohonjuuri Instagram account: 10 cones
  • following Ruohonjuuri Facebook page: 10 cones
  • writing a product review for the purchased product via an email review request: 20 cones
  • Adding a photo or video to a review via review request email: 10 cones (once the photo or video has been approved for publication)
  • Recommending Ruohonjuuri online store to a friend: 250 cones when your friend creates an account and buys from Ruohonjuuri online store for more than 50 euros

Cones from Ruohonjuuri online store purchases will be added to the account once the online store order has been processed and you have received the shipping notification for your order. 

Customer loyalty program communication

Ruohonjuuri Oy customer loyalty program communications are mainly done via email or text message, so it is important to keep your email address and telephone number up to date.

Customer communication is a set part of the loyalty program and cannot be canceled. Customer communications include information about the customer relationship of the Ruohonjuuri Oy customer loyalty program and matters related to the program, such as changes in benefits or rules. Communication in the event of a crisis or disruption is also included in customer communication.

Marketing communications are an integral part of the Ruohonjuuri Oy customer program, as the customer receives information about their benefits through our newsletters. Newsletters provide information on benefits, promotions, and current new products. The newsletter subscription can be canceled via the link at the end of the newsletter or by contacting the Ruohonjuuri customer service (

Changing the terms and conditions and terminating customer loyalty program agreement

Ruohonjuuri has the right to change the terms and conditions of the loyalty program and the content of the loyalty program. Material changes will be notified to regular customers by email or text message. Minor changes (for example, new partners) will be announced on the Ruohonjuuri Oy website.

Ruohonjuuri customer loyalty program can be terminated by contacting customer service by e-mail at or by phone.

Ruohonjuuri Oy has the right to terminate a loyalty program two years (24 months) after the last purchase, which has been credited to the loyalty account in the online store.