Beluga lentils (black lentils), 500 g

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Beluga – the vegetarian caviar!


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Beluga – lentil royalty.

Are you already familiar with beluga lentils called the vegetarian caviar?

Thies vegetarian caviar is now available from Ruohonjuuri in organic quality!

Beluga lentils are small (but large in taste), black and nutritious. Due to their unique taste and aroma, beluga lentils are popular among many chefs.

Beluga lentils are most suitable for e.g. for salads, side dishes, casseroles, and also for germination.

Ingredients: Beluga lens.

May have traces of peanuts, nuts, sesameseeds and soy.

  • Origin Turkey
  • EAN: 6430013860140
  • SKU: ADUKI-6430013860140